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North-west of Milan, near Malpensa airport, lies the Rizoma factory. Long known for its high quality aftermarket accessories, Rizoma recently unveiled what they call their “most ambitious project”.

“A project that has been kept hidden for months in every detail…” says International Sales Manager Irina Popova. “Limitless combinations and super high quality.

Aluminum blocks that, machined by innovative processes, generate unique accessories balancing ergonomics and functionality, safety and style.”

And what is it? BMW’s R nineT, Rizoma “Café-Racer Style”.

Some unspeakable versions of this very stylish bike have already seen the light of day, so it was a great pleasure to see that Rizoma has not only been original but also respectful of the styling and lineage of the “SIMPLY A “MUST” FOR ALL THE R nineT OWNERS, BOTH IN TERMS OF FUNCTIONALILTY AND NEW DESIGN” bike. In other words, it still looks like a BMW, and a particularly smart one at that.

Here’s a representative sample of what Rizoma reckons about its new parts: “Following the line of the legendary ‘70s, our R & D team has developed a kit for the handlebar risers, which can be combined both with the Rizoma MA015 and with the OEM handlebar.

High-quality aluminum and fine finishes, starting first with polishing and subsequent anodization.

“The Rizoma “Drag Bar” ensures the rider a much more sporty riding position that the OEM handlebar and makes the feeling with the whole bike even more dynamic.

“From 0 to 100 – Feel the “Cafe Racer” spirit. With the new Rizoma clip-on bars, we’ll take you back to the 70s.

Perfect machine work, clean design and the particular ergonomics of this kit emphasize the sporty character. The body of the Clip-on Bar fork tube clamps are internally lightweight and the bars can be replaced in case of damage. A must for every “Cafe Racer “.

“The Rizoma rear set control kit is simply a “must” for all the R nineT owners, both in terms of functionality and new design. “Comfortable and sporty”, this could be a synthetic description of the Rizoma rearsets.

There are six different peg placement options and the shift lever and the multi-adjustable brake (eccentric system) allow for the best riding position for any rider.

“As a complement to the OEM rear set control kit, we offer additional “Retro-Style“ pegs specially designed for the R nineT. These will give you a better “grip“ and a “cooler“ look.

“The Rizoma “FOX” license support plate, an absolute classic in the motorcycle industry for years. Perfect realization and brilliant adjustment.

Shorter than the stock license support plate, it gives to the R nineT a more sporty character. The “FOX “ is compliant with European standards for road use and also includes the new Rizoma underseat cover. To install this kit, remove the OEM rear light and indicator lights, both functions of which can be replaced by the Rizoma “CLUB S” marker lights with integrated running, brake and flashing functions. Choose the best solution straight away – You will be amazed!

“For those who want to stand out and have a perfect “Cafe Racer” style R nineT. Rizoma has made, for your Boxer cylinders, the head Covers, which are absolute masterpieces characterized by their unique design and two coloured anodizing.

The Rizoma head covers are made with complex manufacturing processes and with the highest level of attention to detail, using a special 3D. Each of them is obtained from a block of aluminum of 13 kg to achieve a final weight of 1.2 kg.”

And of course there is a lot more. See your local Rizoma dealer – there are half a dozen or so in Australia – for even more detail, or to hand over your cash for the whole kit.

I have seen the future of the R nineT, and (to paraphrase Rolling Stone) it is Rizoma – at least, one future is Rizoma.

On the stand in Cologne I could see that the parts are beautifully made, and if the prices (which are not low) bother you, consider that you could always buy Chinese bits. Of course they wouldn’t be as well designed, made or durable…

and that sort of defeats the whole point of the exercise.

This is excellent stuff, and I would love the opportunity to “personalise” a bike – not just an R nineT – with Rizoma parts.

See for more parts and information. PT

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