MV Augusta Look To A Brutale Future That Will Take You Way Over the Horizon

MV Augusta Dragster RR SCS

MV Augusta are on the move again and have announced grand plans for nine new motorcycles in the coming years.

Having, hopefully, finally put their financial woes behind them, MV Augusta look to sail into clear air and rebuild the dream that the marque always represented.

New CEO Timur Sardarov has taken the helm after joining the group through UK-Russian fund COMSAR Invest back in 2016. New management got MV’s debt under control, increased production and finally cleared all outstanding debts and obligations.

The Sardarov family invested over €180 million into MV, and with the announcement of KTM AG joining the marque as a 25% partner, Timur feels that they now have the right balance to flourish.

“We must now look at the future with renewed confidence, comforted by the success of our new models. The partnership with KTM AG is already bringing new energy to our business on all fronts, from the production of new models and the expansion of our dealers network to the improve of the services quality for our clients,” Sardarov said.

MV Augusta have always been known as a dream brand that few could afford, but MV are now looking far beyond exotic cafe-racers and their new lineup will include a dual purpose adventure bike as well as a scooter and a pushbike for heaven’s sake.

The Ampelio is a 1950s styled electric scooter that sits alongside the MV Augusta Heritage Style scooters, that similarly owe allegiance to their 70 year-old cousins and come in 125 and 150cc models.

MV Augusta have an electric scooter and a range of pushbikes on offer, and despite my scepticism, they look pretty good.

MV Rapido Serie Oro Scooter
MV Rapido Serie Oro Scooter

Of most interest of course are the motorcycles.

There is a tyre burning 1000cc four stroke with the top-of-line Brutale 1000RR and RS letting loose 208 horses running at over 300 kmh.

There is also a three cylinder Dragster line featuring their trademark inline triple, and talk of a retro-styled naked inspired by their classic MV Augusta 750S.

But the big news, and I know I’ve buried the lead, is MV Augusta’s move into the Adventure Touring market. Sure, they’ve been making these since 2015, but the latest model of MV Agusta’s Turismo Veloce promises elegant and comfortable touring on an 800 cc triple, with all sorts of touring options available to the well healed on and off roader.

MV claims that the Turismo Veloce line will give touring a new twist and make commuting much more exciting, and by all accounts the extra couple of thousand are well worth it if you’re looking for an adventure ride.

And doubling down on the desert theme is the Lucky Explorer. A 931 cc variant of the triple puts out 124 horses and opens up the doors to infinity – according to the PR blurb. This is a Paris-Dakar inspired all rounder that they promise will take you anywhere.

MV Augusta Lucky Explorer 9.5
MV Augusta Lucky Explorer 9.5

With a bright future ahead, it will be interesting to see how MV Augusta transition from being a bike for dreamers to a more broad based, though still quite exclusive, and never forget elegant, marque.

There is still plenty to lick your lips about with MV Augusta.

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