KTM 990 RC R – The Return of Litre-Performance KTM Sportbike

Posted On 13 May 2024
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Launching Early 2025 – The KTM 990 RC R Promises Unmatched Torque and KTM Power In A Sport Package

In early 2025, KTM is set to launch its highly anticipated KTM 990 RC R, a model that epitomizes the blend of extreme track performance and street usability. After more than a decade, the return of KTM’s road-homologated sports bike marks a thrilling chapter for motorsport enthusiasts and street riders alike.

The KTM 990 RC R, set for early 2025 release from the Mattighofen production line, boasts a blend of supreme Austrian engineering and rich racing DNA. Designed to dominate both track and street, this bike promises unparalleled performance while meeting the practical demands of everyday use.

At the heart of the KTM 990 RC R lies the potent 57 kg EURO5+ compliant LC8c engine, which delivers a thrilling 128 PS at 10,500 rpm and a robust torque of 103 Nm. This engineering marvel is encapsulated in a new streamlined stainless steel muffler and features a race-ready shifter that can easily be configured to a race-shift pattern, demonstrating KTM’s commitment to “Ready to Race” ethos.

Superior Design for Optimal Performance

KTM’s MotoGP™ heritage is clearly evident in the 990 RC R’s design. The bike features aerodynamic wings developed in wind tunnels to enhance stability during high-speed cornering and braking. The steel frame, optimized for dynamic performance, significantly increases the weight bias towards the front end for improved responsiveness. Complementing this is the fully adjustable WP APEX Open Cartridge Suspension and lightweight cast aluminium wheels shod with premium Michelin tyres.

Aero wings, a product of extensive wind-tunnel testing, ensure stability during high-speed braking and cornering, emphasizing the bike’s racing heritage. For those looking to take it to the next level, minimal modifications are required to convert to the KTM 990 RC R TRACK edition, stripping it back for pure racing prowess.

Ergonomics and Comfort

Understanding the needs of real-world riders, KTM has meticulously designed the ergonomics of the 990 RC R to balance between aggressive racing postures and everyday riding comfort. The fuel tank and adjustable footrests have been ergonomically shaped to enhance rider connection and comfort, making long stints in the saddle as enjoyable as spirited track sessions.

Racing DNA and Street Legality

While primarily a street-legal motorcycle, the KTM 990 RC R boasts a racing DNA that is palpable. Scheduled for a special unveiling in early 2024 as a wildcard entry in various European Supersport series, the bike promises to ignite the excitement of motorsport enthusiasts. This dual character of track aggressiveness and street compliance ensures that the KTM 990 RC R meets the practical demands of everyday riding while being capable of setting racetracks ablaze.

Riaan Neveling, Head of KTM Global Marketing, celebrates the launch: “The KTM 990 RC R not only brings power and prestige to our lineup but does so at a price point that makes top-tier performance accessible to more riders. It excels in every aspect it was designed for, and we’re excited for it to hit the roads and tracks.”

A Peek Behind the Scenes

KTM is also offering motorcycle aficionados a unique behind-the-scenes look at the development of the KTM 990 RC R through a multi-part documentary. This series provides an insider’s view into the rigorous R&D process, from concept to the final unveiling of the motorcycle, showcasing KTM’s meticulous attention to detail and innovation-driven approach, available here.

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