2024 Honda CB125R: New Features & Design

2024 Honda CB125R: New Features & Design

Born in 2018, the Honda CB125R is the smallest of Honda’s ‘Neo Sports Café’ family, which over the years has stood out for its equipment and design maturity. Two updates have evolved the Japanese eighth-liter: the first in 2021 with the introduction of the 4-valve per cylinder engine and the 41 mm Showa SFF-BP fork (the same one fitted to the CB650R), the second in 2023 with a new range of colors. Currently, Honda is in the process of planning a new evolution for the 2024 Honda CB125R. This update will enrich its equipment, enhance its paintwork, and ensure Euro5+ compliance.

2024 Honda CB125R

2021 update: CB125R gains potent 4-valve engine, 41 mm Showa fork, echoing CB650R’s features. In 2023, vibrant colors enhanced the compact powerhouse, building upon its foundation. Honda plans CB125R 2024 update: More features, Euro5+ compliance, improved paintwork.

One of the most notable additions to the 2024 CB125R is the introduction of a sleek 5-inch TFT color screen. Customizable display with speed, revs, fuel, and gear info in three layouts for riders. Furthermore, riders now have the option to adjust the activation threshold for gearshift LEDs. This enhancement improves the overall riding experience and visibility.

2024 Honda CB125R

In terms of aesthetics, the 2024 CB125R boasts an array of striking paint options, including Matt Cynos Gray Metallic, Pearl Cool White, Reef Sea Blue Metallic, and Pearl Splendor Red. Each colorway features a coordinated tail section that complements the tank design, with the model’s logo accentuated in contrasting colors, adding a touch of flair to the overall look.

Underneath the 10.1-liter fuel tank, the CB125R retains its reliable four-stroke, four-valve single-cylinder engine, delivering 15 hp at 10,000 rpm and 11.6 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. Furthermore, equipped with a new catalytic converter and updated mapping, the CB125R attains Euro5+ homologation, all while preserving its spirited performance. CB125R: Six-speed gearbox, tops at 105 km/h, 11.3s 0-200m acceleration.

CB125R chassis: mixed tubular/pressed steel, steel box swingarm for enhanced stability. The rear monoshock suspension, connected at the top to side plates, ensures precise handling and minimal rear axle reactions. CB125R: Balanced weight, 130 kg mass, offers exceptional maneuverability, tight turning, and comfortable 816 mm seat.

Completing the package is a comprehensive Full-LED lighting system, including turn indicators, providing optimal visibility and safety on the road. The front light group features dual beams for low and high headlights, ensuring clear visibility in various conditions. CB125R: Fuel-efficient at 45.5 km/l, with over 460 km range, ideal for urban commutes and weekend trips.

Honda’s 2024 CB125R exemplifies innovation, style, and performance, showcasing the brand’s commitment to excellence. CB125R delivers unmatched rides worldwide, city or scenic.


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