Youtuber Used His Own GSXR Motorcycle in a Simulated Attack to Test Motorcycle Security and Combat Motorcycle Theft

Be in the know with Australian Motorcyclist Magazine, the leading Australian publication on industry news, trends, stories and everything motorcycles. Australian Motorcyclist Magazine, the best resource for riders in Australia. In a recent YouTube video, a motorcycle owner tested...

Kymco’s AK 550 Premium Scooter Could Be Top of the New Scooter Touring Class

Kymco's latest scooter is a premium product with a large two cylinder water cooled four stroke, eight valve engine.

Triumph Getting Down and Dirty

Triumph really has the racing bug in announcing that they will have a full factory racing team entering the 2024 MXGP/MX2 and SuperMotocross World Championships. Triumph has now confirmed the appointment of Clément Desalle and Ivan Tedesco to their factory teams and both are...

CFMOTO 800MT Explore Pushing New Boundaries

Chinese manufacturer CFMoto have taken a jump into the premium Adventure Bike market with the CFMOTO 800MT Explore. Although this is the fourth iteration of the model, it marks a significant step forward as the engine and ancillaries are a notch up in quality from previous...
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