Kymco’s AK 550 Premium Scooter Could Be Top of the New Scooter Touring Class

The scooting sector continues to, surprisingly, excite with some major moves of late, and Kymco is heading the trend.

Topping out their range is the new Kymco AK 550 Premium scooter; a 550cc 37.5 kW 8-valve, four stroke air-cooled twin that is the latest entrant in the new Touring Scooter class.

Promising a safe smooth and comfortable ride, the AK 550 boasts of something never thought possible in the scooter class – a distinctive and intoxicating sound (according to the manufacturers of course) – which is really breaking new ground for a step-through.

Scant regard is usually paid to suspension specs on step-throughs, but this one features an advanced cornering (lean-sensitive) anti-lock braking system, traction control, inverted front forks paired with dual Brembo brakes and horizontal trailing arm rear suspension, specs more akin to a track day racer than a scooter.

Kymco AK 550 Premium

And if you’re getting soft, the handgrips can be adjusted to three different levels of heating as you hide behind the innovative electronically adjustable windshield.

There are many more mod cons in incorporated into the electronics with keyless ignition and phone connectivity topping the list.

All this comes at a cost of course, and the KYMCO AK 550 Premium will set you back a tidy $14,490, though the Taiwanese factory does support its products with a three year warranty.

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