The Revamped Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield, a brand synonymous with tradition and rugged simplicity, has teased motorcycle enthusiasts with a new avatar of its iconic Himalayan model. The teaser has sent ripples through the motorcycling community, hinting at a blend of the old with a touch of the new.

The conversation around this revamped Himalayan centres on a video dropped by Throttle Down Under, where the host dives into the details of the upcoming model. One of the most significant upgrades is the introduction of a liquid-cooled engine, steering away from the traditional air-cooled engines Royal Enfield is known for. The new 451 CC liquid-cooled engine is not just about keeping up with modern technology but also about boosting the horsepower from 24 to an estimated 40 brake horsepower. This leap in power propels the Himalayan into a new segment, offering riders a machine that’s not only rugged but also more capable and efficient.

The new Himalayan also introduces upside-down forks—a first for Royal Enfield. This technology, typically seen in high-performance bikes, suggests a stronger and more stable ride, especially when tackling rough terrains. The host explains the upside-down forks with a simplistic clarity, bringing to light the difference in weight distribution and stability compared to traditional forks.

One aspect that seems to remain loyal to the Himalayan’s ethos is its design aimed at off-road and on-road versatility. The 21-inch front wheel, a standard for off-road riding, remains a part of this new model, ensuring its capability on less-than-perfect roads.

The LED headlight and a new chassis design further accentuate the modern touches on the Himalayan, while still retaining a semblance of its rugged, classic charm. The hosts also touch on the possible six-speed gearbox, another step up from the previous model.

However, this transition to modernity is not without its concerns. The hosts speculate on the possible rise in price due to the cost of liquid-cooled engines and the added technology. They also hint at the slightly increased complexity and maintenance that come with these upgrades, something that could deter the purists who are drawn to Royal Enfield for its simplicity and ease of maintenance.

The anticipation for the release is palpable, and expected to align with the EICMA show in Milan this coming November. The hosts, like many in the motorcycle community, are eager to get a hands-on review of this modern yet classic adventure bike, the new Royal Enfield Himalayan.

As Royal Enfield takes a bold step into blending modern features with its traditional design, the revamped Himalayan is not just a motorcycle; it’s a statement. It showcases a brand evolving with the times while staying true to its roots, ensuring its legacy rides on into the modern era.

The hosts sign off with a hint at their upcoming tours and some new additions to their merchandise, but the spotlight remains firmly on the new Royal Enfield Himalayan, awaiting its grand reveal.

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