BMW M1000R: Australia’s Adrenaline-Inducing Riding Machine

The BMW M1000R: Is it a road rider’s dream machine or a lethal weapon ready to be unleashed? That’s the question you hear often about this high-performance two-wheeler. As someone who is an enthusiast rather than a motorcycle professional, I find this bike nothing less than an adrenaline booster. 

The BMW M1000R is a powerhouse on wheels. It’s driven by a robust 999 CC liquid-cooled inline four-engine with titanium valves. A lot of thought and innovation seem to have gone into making this engine lighter and stronger. The throttle on this bike is smooth and steady, and the power delivery is linear. 

The motorcycle boasts an impressive torque, which is quite a feat for a four-cylinder engine. With a top speed of 280km/h, it might not be as fast as the S1000 double R, but it certainly gives a tough competition. 

Other notable features on this road beast are the heated grips. As someone who experiences the sometimes harsh Australian winters, I found this feature extremely useful. I would ride around with the heated grips set to three on cold mornings and turn it down to one or two during regular commuting. It’s a small comfort that makes a huge difference.

The BMW M1000R is also a masterpiece of modern digital technology. It features awesome electronic add-ons like cruise control and adjustable suspension. The Integrated Measurement Unit (IMU) with traction control adds more convenience to the whole riding experience. The bike’s TFT display is easy to read and even measures tire pressure. 

This bike is also designed for comfort. Its upright riding position is relaxing, and the seat is comfortable enough for long rides. At 199 kilos, it is lighter than it appears and maneuvering it doesn’t take much effort.

While the M1000R is a pleasure machine, it does have a couple of minor downsides. At high revs (between 4000 to 7000), the handlebars oftentimes vibrate, which could be a bit bothersome. One more downside is that even though the motorcycle features keyless ignition, you still need a key to open the fuel cap. 

Despite these minor inconveniences, the BMW M1000R remains a top-choice motorcycle for riding enthusiasts. It might come with a hefty price tag, but with all the advanced features and superior riding experience, it truly is worth every penny.

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