2024 Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally and GT Explorers First Look

Posted On 16 Feb 2024
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Engine and ergonomics updated, and Active Preload Reduction now standard.

Triumph’s Tiger 1200 GT Explorer (accessorized shown) gets engine refinements, added features, and ergonomic tweaks for 2024, but otherwise retains the same spec as last year.Triumph Motorcycles

When Triumph introduced the latest-generation Tiger 1200 line in 2022, the brand called out BMW’s R 1250 GS as a benchmark and piled all the requisite adventure-class features it could onto the new bikes, with things like a lightweight frame, semi-active Showa suspension, IMU-enabled premium brake components, multiple ride modes, and of course, that rorty 147 hp T-plane triple engine.

But at the intro, we called out a few nitpicks, like noticeable vibes through the bars, and low-speed handling and ground clearance issues, and now Triumph has decided it was time to address the warts with a series of updates across the range. It’s not a whole-hog redesign of the Tiger 1200 family, mind you, but rather a refinement of the existing package with a focus on the aforementioned rough spots and key revisions to ergonomics, comfort, and standard amenities.

In the presentation, Triumph seemed to indicate that the so-called “enhancements” would affect all five Tiger 1200 models—the base 1200 GT, the 1200 GT Pro, the 1200 GT Explorer, the 1200 Rally Pro, and 1200 Rally Explore—though only the two 2024 Explorer versions were addressed in the release, so that’s what we’ll focus on here.

As a reminder, the main differences are that the road-focused Tiger 1200 GT Explorer rolls on cast 19/18-inch wheels while the more dirtworthy Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer relative gets longer-travel suspension and a 21/18 tubeless spoked-wheel combo. Both feature the larger 7.9-gallon gas tank versus the standard 5.3-gallon unit.

The 2024 Tiger 1200 GT Explorer still rolls on 19-inch front and 18-inch rear aluminum wheels, but now has the Active Preload Reduction feature as standard, along with an updated clutch design.Triumph Motorcycles


The main focus for 2024 was the Tiger 1200′s triple-cylinder engine, which was in need of some smoothing. To remedy the vibes, the 1,160cc triple received changes to the crankshaft, alternator rotor, and balancer to increase engine inertia, with additional engine calibration changes that is claimed to result in smoother and more precise low-rev torque, while still retaining that T-plane character. The refinements will allegedly be felt while accelerating or decelerating, especially at low speeds, while an updated clutch design is meant to offer smoother engagement when shifting into first gear. Taken together, says Triumph, the changes should result in a smoother ride overall.

With that said however, the engine’s underlying mechanics didn’t get a major overhaul as the spec sheet reveals the same 147 hp at 9,000 rpm and 95.8 lb.-ft. at 7,000 rpm, with the T-plane triple crank’s uneven firing order, six-speed gearbox with slip and assist, and a low-maintenance shaft drive.

The 1,160cc triple engine carries over for both models unchanged, save for tweaks to the crank and alternator rotor balancer to increase engine inertia. Triumph says it also addressed the bike’s pitch, roll, and yaw characteristics to be less invasive.Triumph Motorcycles

Comfort and Ergonomics

Next to be addressed were the Tiger 1200′s ergonomics, which got only slight refinements. The redesigned rider seat gets a flatter profile so pilots can freely move their positions on longer trips, with the corresponding accessory low seat option that reduces height to 32.7 inches on the GT Explorer and 33.7 inches on the Rally Explorer also redesigned to be more comfortable. Other ergo tweaks include a longer clutch lever to make more room for riders’ fingers.

Otherwise the same electronic enhancements and rider aids carry over from 2023, with Blind Spot Radar System coming standard (though no adaptive cruise control) along with multiple riding modes, traction control, and Showa semi-active suspension. In the cockpit you’ll still see the 7-inch TFT display with integrated My Triumph Connectivity System, with other standard features including hill hold and heated grips and seats.

The 2024 1200 Rally Explorer gets all of the same refinements to engine, suspension, seat, and ground clearance. The Rally Explorer gets 21/18 wheels and offers a longer travel (8.6 inches) from its 49mm USD Showa fork.Triumph Motorcycles

Suspension and Clearance

Triumph’s also touting the new Active Preload Reduction feature for the 2024 Tiger 1200s, which is not really new—-we first saw it released last year as an available upgrade. The Active Preload Reduction is said to lower the seat heights of both the Rally Explorer and GT Explorer by up to 0.8 of an inch when the bike comes to a standstill (depending on the combined weight of rider, pillion, and luggage) by pressing the “Home” button on the right switch cube. For 2024 it will come standard on all new Tiger 1200 motorcycles.

As for the pronounced peg-scraping on the outgoing model? Triumph addressed the issue on the 2024 bikes by positioning the footpeg higher and closer to the bike, giving it more ground clearance.

Both Explorer models have the larger 7.9-gallon tank. New Matte Sandstone color shown.Triumph Motorcycles

Lastly, of course are the cosmetics, and both variants of the Tiger 1200 Explorer will get new colors for 2024. The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer adds Carnival Red to the existing Snowdonia White and Sapphire Black choices, while the 2024 Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer steps up with the new Matte Sandstorm paintwork to go with the Jet Black and Matte Khaki colors. All the current 50-plus accessory options are still on tap too, with everything from luggage systems to engine and tank protection to seat options available for both models.

Redesigned rider seat gets a flatter profile, and standard Active Preload Reduction can lower height by up to 0.8 of an inch. The addition of an accessory low seat gets you even lower.Triumph Motorcycles

To reiterate: The new 2024 Tiger 1200 GT Explorer and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer are expected in dealers by the beginning of May. The Tiger 1200 GT Explorer will list at an MSRP of $23,795, with the Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer costing $24,895; both come with a three-year unlimited-mileage warranty.

Triumph also indicated it plans to bring the Rally Pro and GT Pro models in at some point, likely for model year 2025, which it will announce at a future date. There’s no word on the fate of the base Tiger 1200 GT.

The 2024 Triumph Tiger GT Explorer in Cardinal Red. MSRP is $23,795.Triumph Motorcycles

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