The Love Affair with Motorcycles: A lifetime Journey with Moto Guzzi

Bruce is a seasoned motorcyclist with over 53 years of riding experience under his belt. His love affair with bikes began at a young age when his family agreed that bikes would be the method of transportation for him and his brothers, sparking an affinity for motorcycles that has lasted a lifetime.

Bruce’s journey began with a humble German 50cc which, although small, packed a punch, leaving other bikes in the dust despite its size. His passion continued in the military as a dispatch rider on a Yamaha 350, a thrilling time that allowed him to escape the eye of traffic police as he flew down the roads.

His zest for motorcycling remained unquenchable, leading to his ownership of two six-cylinder, 1300cc Kawasakis. The bikes, even though purchased second-hand, were a cherished possession; completely restored and refurbished into a thing of beauty.

After a brief hiatus due to family responsibilities, Bruce found his way back to bikes and discovered his lifelong loyalty towards Moto Guzzi. Beginning with a Moto Guzzi California, he instantly fell in love with its performance and power. A test ride of Moto Guzzi’s new 1400cc model confirmed his affection for the brand. Whilst enjoying a couple of these, Bruce also appreciated the powerful performance and sound of the Moto Guzzi V9; despite its annoyingly small petrol tank.

What brings Bruce back to Moto Guzzi, time and time again? It’s the bike’s simplicity and smart engineering, its signature V-shape cylinders, the smooth shaft drive and the unbeatable feeling of riding it. The brand has become something of a best-kept secret in the world of motorcycling, reserved for those special individuals who take the time to truly experience it.

Bruce’s days of riding have seen him traverse some impressive routes. From South Africa to Zimbabwe and even Tanzania, each ride unforgettable in its own way. Despite the thrill of these journeys, Bruce maintains a special place in his heart for being grounded in nature. His preference for the horsepower of a bike over the escapades of riding a horse reflects a deep-rooted love for the freedom and adventure that motorcycling offers him.

This seasoned rider leaves us with a crucial piece of advice – always maintain a respectful distance while riding, anticipate unexpected maneuvers by other drivers, and never antagonize others on the road. And when met with the frustrations of the road, remember to keep your calm because, at the end of the day, riding a motorcycle is an unrivalled feeling that’s worth much more.

As for Moto Guzzi, it’s a brand that has captured the hearts of many motorcycle enthusiasts like Bruce. Over the years, it has amassed a following of dedicated riders due to its unique mix of power, simplicity, and an undeniable appeal to the senses. A ride with Moto Guzzi is special and, as Bruce says, it is a feeling that could be yours – if you just take a ride.

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