The Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory – A Leap Towards Exuberance

In a realm where motorcyclists crave a blend of power and agility, the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory emerges as a promising contender. Touted for its blend of “Thunder-like power and cloud-like lightness”, this Italian stallion is more than just a pretty face. The 660 Factory is a step up from its base model, rendering it a king in the middleweight category of nakeds.

The journey began with a review of the 2022 base model Tuono 660, which left us reveling in its ability to deliver thrills with an Italian flare. So when Aprilia Australia offered the new 660 Factory, it was an offer too tempting to pass up. The verdict? This bike’s heart, a roaring engine boasting about 100 brake horsepower at 12,000 RPM, up from 95 on the standard version, is nothing short of remarkable.

As we navigated through city traffic and open roads, the 660 Factory showcased its dual personality – easy to maneuver in commute mode while being an adrenaline-pumping companion in dynamic mode. The bike’s lightweight frame at 181 kilos makes it a breeze to handle, whether filtering through traffic or embracing the twisties.

Design-wise, the 660 Factory embodies a blend of comfort and sportiness. The seating is plush, allowing the rider to meld with the machine, while the sporty yet comfortable posture adds to the joy of riding. However, not all is perfect in paradise; the levers and controls could use a better finish, a sentiment echoed in comparison with the tactile feel of controls on some BMW models.

Aesthetically, the Aprilia carries a unique, albeit divisive, appearance. Its Italian design shines through, especially in the headlight and front profile, though the tank may come off as a bit plasticky to some. Meanwhile, the electronic suite on the 660 Factory is nothing short of impressive, offering a gamut of features from traction and wheelie control to quick shift and cornering ABS, enhancing both safety and riding experience.

The crux of the matter lies in whether the extra features on the Factory model justify the price hike from the base model. With the quick shifter, a slight bump in horsepower, and the Sixaxis IMU enhancing the ABS and traction control, the Factory model, priced at AUD 22,690, stands as a worthy upgrade from the base model priced at AUD 20,430. The Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory doesn’t just deliver a dynamic performance; it encapsulates a seamless blend of sportiness and comfort, truly living up to the ethos of fun, power, and style that Aprilia is known for.

So, if you’re in the market for a middleweight naked that fuses power, style, and fun, the Aprilia Tuono 660 Factory could very well be the gem you’re seeking. With its dynamic performance and Italian flair, it’s poised to offer a ride that’s as exhilarating as it is comfortable.

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