Riding Through The Ages: A Lifelong Affair with Motorbikes

Charlie has been riding motorbikes since 1968, a passion that has led him to amass an eclectic collection of bikes over the years. From his first spin on a 50cc Honda at a party in 1965 to owning a variety of bikes from Bultacos to Triumphs, Charlie’s love for motorcycles is profound and enduring.

A Humble Beginning

It was a chance encounter at a party in 1965 that introduced Charlie to the world of motorcycling. A friend offered him a ride on a 50cc Honda, and though he had never ridden before, the experience left him enthralled. The feeling of freedom, the rush of wind against his face, and the simple joy of maneuvering the machine around, had him hooked. By the time he turned 16, Charlie was ready to dive into the motorcycle world, getting his learner’s permit in the morning and buying a brand-new Bultaco in the afternoon.

Over the years, Charlie’s penchant for motorcycles only grew. He reminisces about the days when he and his mates rode around on Bultacos, Montesas, and other bikes, enjoying the camaraderie that came along with being part of a biking community. He talks about the transition from these bikes to his acquisition of a Triumph 650, an ex-police bike from 1969, which he lovingly restored and continues to cherish.

A Collection Tells A Story

Charlie’s collection is a testament to his journey through the changing landscapes of motorcycling. From a 1974 Jawa GT, a 1937 Norton to a 1964 Yamaha YDS3, each bike in his collection has a story, a memory attached to it. Whether it’s the nostalgia of restoring a YDS3, reminiscent of his early motorcycling days, or the thrill of riding his quick-handling BSA Gold Star, Charlie’s collection is a living narrative of his motorcycle journey.

Charlie’s story is a beautiful illustration of the profound bond between a rider and his bikes. It’s about the freedom, the community, the love for restoration, and the endless adventures that come with being a lifelong motorcyclist. Through every twist and turn, Charlie’s love for motorcycles remains a constant, promising many more miles of joyous rides.

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