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Last year, Michelin announced the introduction of sustainable materials in MotoE™ tires, to
the tune of 33% at the front and 40% at the rear. This year, the Michelin development teams
have overcome a new challenge by integrating no less than 46% sustainable material in the
rear tires, thus allowing for reaching an average rate of 40%, corresponding to the weighted
average of the mass of the front and rear tires. This result is clearly in line with the Group’s
ambition to reach an average of 40% sustainable materials across all its ranges by 2030.
“Although ambitious, this objective remains no less realistic for Michelin. The MotoE™ tires
are a new illustration of this.” said Cyrille Roget, Director of technical and scientific
communications for the Michelin Group. And he added: “it is mainly in integrating more
natural rubber and recycled carbon black in the tires that we have been able to make

Given Michelin’s key sponsorship of the MotoE World Championship, it is hoped this innovation will bring the concept of greater sustainability to motorcycle sports.

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