Posted On 28 May 2024
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Hi Bear, I love your magazine, it is the only one I would ever keep on the shelf and keep coming back to it over the years, the rest of the magazines out there I end up throwing away. I managed to stumble across a post that Boris had put on his Facebook page and he keep rambling on how print media is dead and there is no quality motorcycle magazines anymore. I think he is way off the mark, AMM is well written and has features that no other magazine has in the country. I think you should get Boris to re-read each issue of AMM just to get this through his obviously thick skull. He writes a column for you each month, so does he put himself in the category of “no quality”?

John Dural, NSW

John, it doesn’t matter what I think about bike magazines. It matters what you think, since you’re the bloke paying for them. And since you freely admit to throwing away the magazines you buy (presumably because they’re crap), you obviously aren’t a very deep thinker, or you’re happy to buy garbage magazines and then toss them after you’ve paid for them. In which case you’re just pure dumb. That being so, I understand some of my Facebook posts may be over your head, which appears to be a good deal thicker and less packed with grey matter than mine.

Kind regards,


Hi Peter & Stuart, If there is still room in the 1st Company Bear Army, or even starting the 2nd Company, could you please forward a membership form….if you deem me worthy of joining such an august group of motorcyclists.

My current subscription is up for renewal.

Ken Purbrick Kambah ACT

No problem, Ken. There is still plenty of room in the Bear Army, and of course membership comes with a two year subscription – The Bear


Hey guys, Enjoy your magazine and the article in issue #31 about helmets was very interesting. I had to read the bit about which helmets are legal a couple of times just to begin to get my head around it.

Wow confusing. You made a comment about replacing our existing helmets every 3 years. This, I assume, depends upon frequency of use.

Personally I refuse to ride in wet weather 1/ because I don’t have wet weather gear 2/ that’s what my car is for and 3/ I have a theory that the more moisture in the air the more stupid some drivers become.

I also avoid riding when the wind-chill factor brings the temperature below zero. I do have thermals but they do not allow for WC factor and I do have heated hand grips. I just like to be comfortable and enjoy my ride I do not like being distracted about how bloody cold and miserable I am. I like to remain focussed and happy. To this end as you would have gathered I’m a fair weather rider so for me I would expect to replace my helmet a lot later than 3 years.

You also mentioned solvents on the helmet do you have any suggestions on what to use to clean the helmet?

Personally I use Windex on a soft cloth.
Chris Weller

Hi, Chris, and thank you for raising an important point. Helmets unfortunately age whether you’re wearing them or not. Some time ago I pulled out what I thought was a fairly old but not ancient helmet. I hadn’t worn it for a while, and when I put it on a weird black dust cascaded over my head. It was the comfort liner of the helmet, disintegrating. The three year rule is a rule of thumb. Some helmets resist aging better than others, some develop symptoms of aging earlier. The simple way of dealing with this is to stick to the rule; a more complex way is to take a look at the helmet at regular intervals and decide for yourself whether it has aged enough to need replacing. The trouble is that you can’t necessarily tell; it’s rare that warnings like my black dust happen. To clean your helmet, soak a small towel in water and place over the helmet. Within a few minutes all the bugs will wipe off – The



I understand what you mean about the black stuff. I think it also relates to quality of the foam as to how fast it dries and becomes brittle enough to dust.

I have a Shark Visor R, the luminescent one, love it but interesting to see if the luminescent surface degrades quicker or slower. Obviously I hope it’s slower.

Thanks for writing back too. Have a blessed day and keep safe.


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