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Bear, Although I am not currently looking to transport any motorcycles I have had occasion to transport bikes in the past and may have in the future so I was looking forward to reading your article on bike carriers as my past experience with some carriers has been less than satisfactory.

When I wanted to transport a bike I had sold I started my search for a carrier. I thought companies with names like ‘We Transport Motorcycles Anywhere’, Australia-wide Motorcycle Transport’ or ‘All States Motorcycle Transport’ would be able to help.

What I didn’t realise was that Alice Springs wasn’t in Australia. Or perhaps it was that Alice Springs is in the Northern TERRITORY which isn’t, strictly speaking, a state (even though Darwin seems to be in both Australia and a state) so none of the companies I contacted actually had The Alice as a destination (despite being half way between Adelaide and Darwin which were both on their maps).

When I had occasion to ship 2 motorcycles from Perth to Alice Springs I was pleased to have been told of Bike Nut (, a company that does realise that The Alice is in Australia. So if someone has a need to transport a bike to somewhere other than a capital city give Bike Nut a call, they might be able to accommodate you.

Jeff Cole Alice Springs

Thanks for the advice, Jeff. It can be a problem having bikes moved to or from places where nobody has a depot, although I’m surprised that so many people couldn’t help with the Alice! One of these days I’ll tell you about having to get a bike back from Queens town in Tassie to Melbourne… – The Bear


Hi Bear I just saved up the $250 to join your bear club but I joined this happy bears club instead I can’t wait for my turn to be cuddled and what makes it more exciting is that I will bring my own microphone for the patron to handle,hopefully on full volume.

Yours in riding,
Ian Gregory

Ian, Ian, Ian. What are we going to do with you? – The Bear


Hello Aus motorcyclist people,Please can you help me with a problem I am having. I have tried to purchase the July edition of your magazine through the Mag shop app on my iPad.

I have previously been able to buy and download the magazine without any problems. However now when I try to buy the new edition, I keep getting a “server internal error” and cannot proceed any further with the purchase.

Can you please help me with this problem as I would like to keep up with the latest copies of your great magazine.

Russell Ullbricht

Sorry, Russell. We are currently changing over from Magshop to Zinio, and will make an announcement when the new operation with great staff who cope very well with any wrinkles. All of their tours are personally researched and interesting with great riding including plenty of “tweesties”. On our tour of Greece last year Primož was known as “pre-Wash” – I think, a better nom de plume [than “Pineapple”].

I know that you have been all over Europe and points further afield but I particularly enjoyed/can recommend the Adriatic tour of Romania/Bulgaria which now dips down into Turkey.

Rob Smith Bathurst

PS for Stuart. The August issue had a really good collection of stories/articles which has encouraged me to continue the monthly purchase.Thank you, Rob. And yes, I like pre-Wash better than Pineapple, too – The Bear


Dear Bear and Stuart, I liked the story about our IOM heroes, but I would prefer it if the cover was not a pointer to the future of Motorcyclist. I don’t want to see racing coverage in a magazine that covers so many other wonderful aspects of our mutual recreation.

Tell you what, though: I did like the poster. Can we look forward to more of them, maybe touring photographs rather than racing ones?

K de Jong South Melbourne

Spot on there, ‘K’; we are just debating the question of regular posters – The Bear No, it’s not the pointer for future issues, K, I can assure you that. It was just pointing out the IomTT – Cheers, Stuart.


Years ago you mentioned in an article that you had reprinted copies of above book. I had a copy but loaned it out, never to be returned. Any ideas on how to get a copy now?

Terry Dunn

You’re in luck, Terry. I have a few copies left, and if you send me $30 I’ll send you one of them! Address is PO Box 2066, Boronia Park NSW 2111 – The Bear


Hi Guys, Thanks for a great read. I have just read your magazine while in hospital after being run down from behind at a red light, resulting in me ending up under a vehicle.

I agree with Mark McVeigh’s “Ten Tips for Survival”. After my recent experience,I was definitely saved from worse injury by wearing the gear. What I would add though, is: Wear a full face helmet. My visor was broken and has scratches in it, the “eye port” seal gouged. The chin vent has gouges and a crack. I am certain if I was wearing an open faced helmet, I would be undergoing some form of reconstruction surgery.

Cheers and ride safe,
Steven Allen Chermside West, Qld

Good to see that you came out of that little encounter relatively well, Steven. And good to see that you were wearing the appropriate gear! I must say, though, that I’m still comfortable wearing an open face helmet some of the time; I’ve crashed with one of those and come out of it reasonably well too – The Bear


Hi there, I cannot download previous editions or new of Australian Motorcyclist using Magshop app. I have cleared my iPad cache, deleted and reinstalled the app but nothing has worked. Any ideas?

Terry McCarthy

Terry, it’s a pain. As we explained above, we are currently changing over from Magshop to Zinio, and will try to make previous editions available too – The Bear

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