The Charm of Ducati 900 SS: A Glimpse into the Life of a Motorbike Enthusiast

Posted On 17 Dec 2023
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There’s an undeniable allure to the Ducati 900 SS. It’s a timeless motorcycle that resonates with many, especially for Don, a seasoned motorcyclist with over 54 years of riding experience. Here’s an insight into his journey, his love for the Ducati 900 SS, and what makes older bikes so special.

The Ducati Connection

“I think there’s just something about the Ducati 900 SS. It remains one of my favourite Ducatis of all time,” begins our trip down memory lane. Don’s first taste of this classic motorcycle was many years ago. Although he parted with it once, the regret of that decision made him hunt down another one. This 900 SS remains a testament to his deep-rooted passion for the brand.

Journey Through Time

While Don’s family didn’t have any affiliations with machinery, it was his proximity to a group of five brothers obsessed with motorbikes that ignited his interest. His initial rendezvous with the Ducati brand was when a schoolmate acquired a Ducati 250. This petite powerhouse left such an impression on Don that he even used it to get his riding license.

His motorcycle journey began with a Harley Davidson 1250. Through the years, he transitioned to a 450 Ducati Desmo, then to a Honda 750, and subsequently to the iconic 900 SS Ducati 1975 version. He recalls, “I sold it many years ago, but later stumbled upon my current 900 SS, a 1976 model, which I cherish dearly.”

The Ducati Desmo 900SS Essence

The Ducati Desmo 900SS is more than just a motorcycle. It’s a racing machine that’s been fine-tuned for the streets. “I might never fully harness its capability, but I revel in every ride,” Don shares. He adds, “The shape is iconic, a basic engine with a sleek frame, two wheels, and a tiny seat. It’s sheer pleasure on the go.”

Tweaking Perfection

Don’s 900 SS might appear stock, but it has undergone some modifications. The most notable one was the switch from a left-hand gear change, a standard on the ’76 model due to American specifications, to a right-hand one, reminiscent of the original ’75 he owned.

The Ducati Charm

So, what makes Ducatis so endearing? According to Don, “They are exquisitely balanced, exceptionally engineered motorcycles. Their design is art, and when they’re in tune, the sound is an unparalleled symphony. They’re simply magnificent.”

Motorcycling: The Ultimate Freedom

There’s an inexplicable thrill in motorcycling for Don. He eloquently explains, “Motorcycling is an open embrace of the elements. You’re more connected to your surroundings. The world is different on two wheels.” Whether it’s witnessing breathtaking landscapes on long rides or the adrenaline-pumping adventures on the roads, motorcycling offers an unmatched sense of liberation.

The Allure of Vintage Motorbikes

Modern motorcycles come laden with technology. But for Don, the older bikes, with their simplicity and raw power, hold an irreplaceable charm. “I grew up with carburettors, and there’s a sense of familiarity with these machines. They might lack the sophisticated aids of contemporary bikes, but their rawness and antiquated technology offer a visceral riding experience,” Don concludes.

Motorcycling is not just a hobby for Don; it’s a lifelong passion. And the Ducati 900 SS remains a significant chapter in his love affair with two wheels. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just beginning your journey, Don’s story is a testament to the timeless joy of motorcycling.

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