Posted On 14 May 2024
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Oxford Oximiser 3X
Price – $169.95

Oxford Products has been around for a long time now and their luggage and heated grips are probably the most well-known of their range, but they also have a delightful and very useful battery charger/maintainer – the Oximiser 3X.

We took charge of one (‘scuse me) and set about trying the various features, using the Yamaha Bolt outfit and H-D Sportster as the platform.

As the Bolt gets ridden only occasionally, the battery does get a bit of a hard time, so does my Sportster (because we’re always fiddling with it), so having such a versatile and powerful battery maintenance product is exactly what this Bear needed!

Suitable for all 12V automotive batteries, including lithium motorcycle batteries, the 3X Oximiser uses fast and efficient charging in all modes to keep charge times short and reduce power consumption. The Oximiser also has a ‘soft-start’ charging mode that is designed to deliver a slow build-up of charge for the safe recovery of deeply discharged batteries (as low as 8V). The battery on the Sportster happened to be fl at as a tack one morning so I connected up the Oximiser and set it to the soft charging mode, by the time I got home that afternoon, the battery was fully charged and I’ve not had a problem since. With the Bolt, I have set the Oximiser to the Bulk Fast Charge setting as the unit indicated the voltage was low. Within ten minutes I had more than enough power to fi re up and enjoy the day’s riding. You might think most bears are growling and snarling beasts (Stuart does), but this Bear is certainly a smug and happy one thanks to Oxford! And yes, they used to sponsor my travels in Europe; they’re good people who make good products.

Accompanied by an integrated 8 stage battery management system, the Oximiser analyses, charges and maintains the battery, keeping it in tip-top condition while it recharges safely and efficiently. The unit itself even has induction cooling to prevent it from overheating, which can happen to other chargers. The charging kit also comes with a range of accessories, including crocodile clips, a weatherproof permanent connector and a wall bracket.

We didn’t have a Lithium battery to try this out on, but with Lithium batteries, you need to consult the manufacturer, you don’t want to burn that expensive battery out! But for “normal” batteries, the Oxford Oximiser 3X comes highly recommended.

See your local bike shop or visit . I’ll write more on this product as I use the battery for different purposes PT


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