The 2024 Yamaha MT-09 brings a new face and fruity airbox noise

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Yamaha’s triple-powered naked has been treated to a raft of improvements for the 2024 model year

Yamaha’s popular MT-09 looks to be better than ever thanks to a comprehensive refresh covering styling, technology and – best of all – noise. 

Once again, power comes from the 890cc, 117bhp version of the ‘CP3’ triple introduced in 2021, but it should sound a lot fruitier behind the bars. As similarly found on the MT-10, there’s a two-piece “acoustic amplifier grille” atop the tank which fires glorious intake noise right at your face. The airbox also features two new air ducts “which accentuate the high frequency sounds while maintaining a linear throttle response,” Yamaha says. Lovely. 

To tweak the styling, Yamaha has added a new LED headlight unit featuring a thinner light cluster, and “slimmer, sharper” bodywork said to be inspired by the company’s motocross bikes. This involves a reshaped fuel tank made using a “press moulding manufacturing method”.

At the rear of the bike, there’s a new LED taillight which is separate from the brake lights and features a smoked bottom lens. Also new is the seating arrangement, which now involves a separate perch for rider and pillion to both improve the riding position and make mounting and dismounting easier.

On the subject of the riding position, Yamaha has pushed the redesigned pegs 30mm further back while raising them by nearly 10mm, while the handlebars are lower than before. You also get more steering angle than previously thanks to the shape of that new tank.

Sticking with the cockpit, we should point out that there’s a new five-inch full-colour TFT featuring Garmin StreetCross navigation via the free Yamaha MyRide app, message notifications and the possibility of taking calls and listening to tunes via a (not included) Bluetooth headset. The new display is controlled via new switchgear, and for charging your devices on the move, there’s an under-seat USB-C socket.

Also on the tech front, Yamaha has added two custom riding modes that let you combine your favoured settings for power, traction control and lift control. These complement the pre-set Sport, Street and Rain modes. 

The six-axis IMU has been upgraded, now coming with a ‘back slip regulator’ for added stability when the rear wheel locks under heavy engine braking. The 2024 MT-09 also has cruise control fitted as standard, a quickshifter and soft-click, auto-cancelling indicators. 

The bike is available in Midnight Cyan, Icon Blue and Tech Black for an as-yet undisclosed price. Expect a slight rise compared to the £9,810 charged for the outgoing model.

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