Posted On 14 May 2024
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Motorcycle travel is not about what you’ve got – it’s what you do with it!



Here’s one of those questions we really hate, and it doesn’t help that it comes from (a strangely changed) Beemer Bob from South Gippsland. I get notes from him on a pretty regular basis, but mostly don’t print them because they’re just rants about how wonderful a certain motorcycle brand is, and how all the others are rubbish.

It seems things are changing down in Gippsland!

“Hey Bear,” writes Bob, “I bet you never expected to hear this from me, but I fell in with bad company. Two of my new riding mates have Harleys and one has a Victory. The other one has a piece of [deleted in the interests of our health]. I have ridden all the bikes now and some of them are fun, I have to say.

So – what’s the best tourer you can buy, no matter the brand?”

Umm. Gee. I don’t know how to answer that. Stuart – help?

Beemer Bob, “The best tourer you can buy”? Well, at the end of the day it all depends on personal preference.

You might like one tourer, The Bear might like another, Billy Bloggs might like something else and I might like something totally different. It all comes down to what feels comfy to ride, you like the power output/engine characteristics and so on…

However, here is a list of what we consider to be some of the best (in no particular order). BMW R 1200 RT, Triumph Trophy SE, Ducati Multistrada 1200 DVT, Indian Road master and the Yamaha MT-09 Tracer. And there are plenty more we’d like to mention, but it depends on what you like at the end of the day. Cheers, Stuart.

And don’t expect to lose any weight on a US tour… the food’s great.


Now that the Ducati media department is producing press releases in English, we have to look a little further for… unusual terminology. But there’s always Reuther’s.

“If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your head…” starts their latest effort. This segues inexplicably into details of the Reuther’s Harley-Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour. Then it becomes a bit more comprehensible, and explains that “the Harley-Davidsons are picked up at the rental station (in Miami). Afterwards the typical and also the most surprising highlights of the US American state are on the tour program.

“Typical are the beaches, because on a tour of Florida the famous coastal resorts of Daytona Beach, Palm Beach, Key Largo, Key West, Naples and Fort Myers are a must. The surprising highlights stand in the sign of the superlative (err…), for next to the smallest post office of the USA, also a visit to the most famous shell beach in Sanibel Island is on the program.

“Need more superlatives? Saint Augustine is one of the oldest European settlements in Florida – and of course for the participants of Reuther’s Harley Davidson Florida Sunshine Tour as well as a highlight as the crossing of the Saint John’s River, which holds the title as the longest river in Florida. Even a visit to the largest motorcycle dealer in the world in Daytona Beach fi ts seamlessly into the tour of superlatives.

Of course, shopping is done at no other place than at the world’s largest shopping centre, which is located in Fort Lauderdale.”

Got all that? It actually sounds like a lot of fun; and Reuther’s is offering a 10% discount on the tour price. Contact Reuther-Entertainments, +49-9561- 7059-370 or

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