Posted On 25 May 2024
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Child’s play! / Bigger than expected / Mandatory shopping hook is there.

The old saying, “never judge a book by its cover” is something you’ll certainly hear ringing in your ears after riding the new Suzuki Address 110.

When Lewis Croft (Suzuki Australia Marketing Manager) asked if we’d like to do a review on it, I had a good old laugh.

But then I thought, why not? I can ride it in the dark of night and no one will know who I am, then I can discreetly park it away, out of sight.

When Lewis was speaking to me about it, he said it performs sort of like a 150cc scoot. Of course, I didn’t believe him.

But when the Address 110 arrived to the AMM Cave and I “scooted” away on it, I was shocked that it actually does perform quite well, and much better than expected. There was no need for me to hide away in a corner or on the darkest of dark nights. I could and did happily ride it around during daylight, zooming past cars as I would on bigger capacity bikes and having a lot of fun in general.

Of course, it did struggle a little to maintain speeds over 90km/h, but you do expect that. For a rider who wants an easy to live with scooter that will certainly handle speeds up to 70km/h and eat traffic like a hungry bear eats a meat pie, you might well look at one of these.

Handling is also not what I expected.

Usually, with small scoots like these, the front suspension feels “cheap” and smashes around over our crap roads, but not this baby. It was a big surprise to feel that the suspension is well damped and the front of the frame feels solid, resulting in a competent ride.

Storage space was the other big shock.

Looking at how tiny the Address 110 appears and with tyres that are not much wider than a kid’s pushbike, I was amazed to find a huge under seat storage compartment. It will take a full-faced helmet and maybe a loaf of bread. Our test bike also had the accessory top box fitted and that takes a full-faced helmet too. At the front there are two open “pockets” in the fairing, great for carrying your phone or wallet; and the mandatory shopping hook is there, too.

At the $2490 + orc price tag, anyone who lives around the inner city and maybe even surrounding suburbs in any major city, will find the Suzuki Address 110 massive value for money. Take one for a ride and you’ll see what I mean.

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