The Art of Classic Motorcycling: A Conversation with Nathan

Posted On 17 Aug 2023
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For Nathan, riding isn’t just a hobby; it’s an embedded family tradition that spans decades. With over 40 years of riding experience, Nathan has seen and ridden a diverse array of motorbikes, each holding a special place in his heart. However, it’s classic bikes that have captured his deepest passion.

Classic Bikes: More Than Just Machines

In an intimate discussion with Nathan, he opens up about his childhood memories, “I was born into it. My father, sister, brother – every single person in our family was bike mad. I remember wishing for a motorbike every single time I blew out my birthday candles.”

He got his first motorbike, a little MX-80 Yamaha, at eight years old. Since then, his love for bikes has only grown exponentially. The attraction towards classic bikes comes from their rawness, their sound, their feel. They demand respect, expertise, and care.

Why Historic Racing?

The thrill of historic racing isn’t just about speed for Nathan; it’s about the experience. He mentions, “Historic racing is fascinating because modern bikes just go too fast. Riding a bike to its potential, not mine, is much more fun.”

Historic racing is also about the camaraderie. It’s less about ego and more about the shared love for classic bikes. Nathan adds, “It’s such a great fraternity. We’re like one big family. When we meet at national events like the Australian titles, it feels like a reunion.”

Bucket Racing: An Unconventional Delight

Nathan’s first racing bike was the GSXR 750, a 1988 model. However, after a minor mishap during the Barry Shane Festival of speed at Eastern Creek in 2017, Nathan’s perspective shifted. He discovered “bucket racing”, a fascinating concept where bikes are built from a bucket of bolts. These small-capacity bikes may not be designed for racing, but they promise a world of fun.

Classic Bikes: A Symphony of Machines

While Nathan owns a modern 2016 Honda Africa Twin, his heart lies with the classics. From the 1949 BSA b33 to the GT 250 Suzuki Katana and the RG500, each bike has a story, a soul, and a rhythm of its own.

Starting a Business Rooted in Passion

Driven by his passion and expertise, Nathan embarked on an entrepreneurial journey, transforming his passion for bikes into a thriving business. His aim? To offer a bespoke workshop experience rooted in authenticity, and dedicated to classic bikes.

Riding Around Town & Bathurst Roads

While Nathan admits to enjoying the thrill of speed, his most cherished moments are on the road, riding classic bikes, absorbing their rhythm, and enjoying the scenic beauty of Bathurst. With its quaint, unpaved roads, Bathurst offers a unique riding experience that beautifully complements the charm of vintage bikes.

In conclusion, Nathan’s journey and insights provide a vivid tapestry of the classic motorcycling world. It’s a world of history, nostalgia, passion, and camaraderie. Riding, for Nathan, is not just about the destination but the journey, the stories, and the memories each bike brings. Whether it’s cruising around town on a vintage beauty or racing on the tracks, it’s the love for the machine and the road that truly matters.

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