The Art of Classic Motorcycling: A Conversation with Nathan

Posted On 17 Aug 2023
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For Nathan, riding isn’t just a hobby; it’s an embedded family tradition that spans decades. With over 40 years of riding experience, Nathan has seen and ridden a diverse array of motorbikes, each holding a special place in his heart. However, it’s classic bikes that have captured his deepest passion.

Classic Bikes: More Than Just Machines

In an intimate discussion with Nathan, he opens up about his childhood memories, “I was born into it. My father, sister, brother – every single person in our family was bike mad. I remember wishing for a motorbike every single time I blew out my birthday candles.”

He got his first motorbike, a little MX-80 Yamaha, at eight years old. Since then, his love for bikes has only grown exponentially. The attraction towards classic bikes comes from their rawness, their sound, their feel. They demand respect, expertise, and care.

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