Discover the Real Essence of Bali on Two Wheels: A Conversation with James from Intrepid Motor Bali

Posted On 17 Sep 2023
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The allure of the unknown, the beauty of the open road, and the magic of experiencing a new culture up close are reasons many of us have felt the itch to travel. For those who want to step out of the regular tourist trail, the back roads beckon, and as seasoned motorcyclist James says, “There’s no better way to do it than on a motorbike.”

James is no ordinary rider. Having been on two wheels for 24 years, his journey started in Toronto, Canada, on a Suzuki GS500. Remembering the challenge of his initial rides, James says, “The first time I got on it, I didn’t know how to turn it. It took some getting used to.” Fast forward to today, James is an expert rider, but it’s his current location that makes his story truly unique.

The Switch from the Snowy Lanes of Toronto to the Scenic Routes of Bali

While Toronto offered the beginning of his motorcycle journey, James’ heart now belongs to Bali, Indonesia. It was in 2013 when he first visited Bali, instantly falling in love with its rich culture and the overwhelming number of bikes on the roads. The organized chaos, as he puts it, fascinated him.

When asked about his current ride, James passionately speaks of his hunter scrambler SK 500, calling it a dream to ride and possibly his favorite bike to date. As for dream additions to his garage? A nod to his father’s Triumph Bonneville.

Introducing Intrepid Motor Bali

James isn’t in Bali just for the scenic rides. He is the founder of Intrepid Motor Bali, a company that organizes guided motorcycle tours around Bali and now also Lombok and Sumbawa. But it’s not just about the ride for him. James emphasizes the cultural experience on offer, “We’re not just a motorcycle riding company. We engage people with the traditional culture here in Bali.”

The tours start from Canggu, focusing on showing tourists the hidden parts of Bali, the lesser-known areas that showcase Bali’s genuine essence. From exploring cultural landmarks to staying in beautiful locales, James promises a holistic experience.

The Fleet

Intrepid Motor Bali has an impressive fleet, ranging from the nimble 250 Kawasaki Versys to the robust hunter Maverick mv500, suitable for long-distance cruising and touring. Each bike promises a unique experience for the rider, ensuring both comfort and excitement.

James’ Advice for Aspiring Tourists

For anyone mulling over the idea of a motorcycle tour, James’ advice is straightforward, “Don’t think too hard about it. Just get on the bike and go. It’s about the journey, not the destination.”

If Bali has been on your travel radar or if you’ve always wanted a unique motorcycle experience, James and Intrepid Motor Bali come highly recommended. As the saying goes, you can’t buy happiness, but riding a motorcycle is a close second. For those interested in a motorcycle tour of Bali or Lombok, get in touch with James and embark on a journey of a lifetime.

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