The All New Aprilia RSV4 RR, RR Race Pack and RF Limited Edition

To coincide with the launch of the new RSV4, Aprilia Australia are excited to announce the model range and pricing for this remarkable Superbike.

The all new Aprilia RSV4 will be available in three models, the Aprilia RSV4 RR, RSV4 RR Race Pack and the RSV4 RF Limited Edition.

The Aprilia RSV4 RR includes Sachs suspension and will feature a price tag of $25K Ride Away and will be available in two colours Bucine Grey and Black Ascari.

The RSV4 Factory has now evolved into the amazing Aprilia RSV4 RR Race Pack. In addition to the equipment that comes standard on RSV4 RR the RSV4 RR Race Pack will include Ohlins suspension and forged aluminium rims. This model will be available for $31K Ride Away in Black Ascari.

To celebrate Aprilia’s success in the World Superbike Championship, a limited edition RSV4 is also available. Only 500 units of the Aprilia RSV4 RF Limited Edition Superpole are being manufactured and of these Australia will receive only 25.

The Aprilia RSV4 RF Limited Edition Superpole will feature Ohlins suspension, forged aluminium rims and dedicated Superpole graphics. Each motorcycle will be stamped with its production number, making the Aprilia RSV4 RF Superpole Limited Edition a ‘must-have’ collector’s item. The Aprilia RSV4 RF Limited Edition Superpole will have a price tag of $31K plus on road costs.

Aprilia first entered the world of motorcycle racing in 1985 with the debut of the class leading RS 250. The year 2000 saw the introduction of the all new RSV into the World Superbike Championship. From those humble beginnings Aprilia have gone on to dominated the World Superbike Championship winning seven World Titles in as little as six years and in doing so Aprilia and the RSV have set themselves apart from the competition.

This latest evolution Aprilia RSV4 has been designed for racers and built for riders, featuring unprecedented performance and state of the art technology which has been developed on the racetrack.

The new Aprilia RSV4 is a radical revolution featuring a brand new engine which produces 201HP (148kw) at 13,000RPM. The new engine is 1.5kg lighter and together with a lighter and more refined chassis, the new RSV4 is the most powerful and lightest RSV4 ever produced weighing in at only 180kg.

The Aprilia RSV4 has racing in its mindset and its DNA, with dual injection, variable intake runners, cassette type gearbox and advanced racing technology and electronics. The Aprilia RSV4 features Ride By Wire (rBw) with selectable engine mapping allowing you to choose between Track, Sport and Race modes depending on your environment.

Featuring the most sophisticated braking system on the market today, the front end of the RSV4 is graced with twin 320mm floating discs which incorporate the state of the art Brembo M430 monobloc 4 piston calipers whilst the rear of the motorcycle features Brembo two piston calipers with a 220mm disc. The RSV4 also comes with RACE ABS as standard, representing the utmost in refinement and technology whilst guaranteeing performance on the racetrack and safety on the road.

Since its launch in 2009 the RSV4 has been credited for superior handling and this latest evolution RSV4 is no different. Fully adjustable racing suspension ensures that the ride can be adjusted to suit the racetrack or the road. The 43mm inverted front forks work with the steering damper to provide class leading stability and comfort.

The new RSV4 is the only standard motorcycle on the market which is truly racetrack ready. The aluminium frame made of cast and pressed elements has been designed to provide the rider with perfect control and feeling. The new elongated swingarm improves traction out of the turn at full throttle and the swingarm pivot and the rear end height are also adjustable. In addition, the RSV4 is also the only Superbike that allows the rider to adjust the engine position in the frame and adjust the headstock angel.

The Aprilia RSV4 also comes standard with the Aprilia Performance Ride Control Package (APRC) which features technology which was once only found on top race bikes. These electronic elements include Aprilia Traction Control (aTC), Aprilia Launch Control (aLC), Aprilia Wheelie Control (aWC) and Aprilia Qucik Shift (aQS) electronic gearbox for ultra-fast gear changes without the need to close the throttle or use the clutch.

Aprilia also introduces on the RSV4 the V4-MP telemetry! Available as an accessory on the RSV4 the V4-MP turns a smart phone into a sophisticated on board multifunctional computer. Once connected the application allows for electronic management where by recognising the position of the motorcycle on the track and automatically changing the electronic adjustments (traction control, anti-wheelie, engine mapping, etc) by accessing a database of parameters recommended by Aprilia Racing.

V4-MP also allows the rider to obtain real-time tips to improve lap times and receive telemetry information, only once found of race machines. The V4-MP Telemetry takes Aprilia’s innovation and expertise to a whole new level!

No other standard production motorcycle on the market offers the customisation abilities of this new motorcycle. The new RSV4 was truly made for the rider. With adjustable technology, adjustable suspension and an adjustable frame the new Aprilia RSV4 was made to fit the rider like a glove.

All three Aprilia RSV4 models will be available in Australia in June this year, to pre order your all new RSV4 contact your local Aprilia dealer.

Aprilia RSV4 RR Bucine Grey



Aprilia RSV4 RR Race Pack


RSV4 RR Race Pack

Aprilia RSV4 RF Limited Edition


RSV4 RF Limited Edition

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