Royal Enfield One Ride 2017

Royal Enfield are pleased to announce that the annual international ‘One Ride 2017’ event will be taking place across Australia and New Zealand on Sunday April 2nd 2017.

Right around the globe, Royal Enfield riders will come together to celebrate riding in at least 14 countries and 23 cities, so save the date now!

“The passion and spirit of discovery that is common to every rider is a reason for celebration. Like every year, the first Sunday of April, Royal Enfield is inviting riders from across the world to unite at One Ride, the annual event that transcends all boundaries and hopes to bring together a million riders as one. Join One Ride on April 02, 2017 with your friends from any of the 14 countries and 23 cities to be a part of the celebration called riding”, commented Royal Enfield.

For more information regarding ‘One Ride’ contact your participating authorised Royal Enfield dealership or go to the Royal Enfield Facebook page to select your event.

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