Ride the Isle of Man TT Mountain Course This Year!

Isle of Man: The Greatest Show in Motorsport: The Isle of Man TT is the kind of event riders around the world fantasize about when they are chugging through their daily commute. Take a beautiful island with incredible roads and scenery, then clear it of all traffic and let riders on heavily tuned race bikes have their way with it! Seeing the front wheel come off the ground as some of the world’s fastest riders barrel down a country lane at triple digit speeds mere inches from homes, shops, brick walls and sometimes spectators is an experience unlike anything else in motorsport, and MotoQuest has the inside line on getting a small group of riders track side at this year’s TT practice week on the Isle of Man and Wales Adventure this May.

You’ll have the chance to ride the famous Isle of Man TT mountain course in the mornings, followed by track side spectating at prime locations in the afternoons.

Get to know race fans from all over the world who have gathered together for the TT

Enjoy the local cuisine after a day’s ride

Discuss the day’s racing with the locals over a pint at the pub

In addition to the TT, you’ll explore the Welsh countryside including Snowdonia and Brecon National Parks

Learn about the history of the region, with a visit to key historic sites

Ride some of the world’s best touring bikes, from the base Suzuki DL650 V-Strom to the rugged BMW R1200GS

The Isle of Man and Wales Adventure leaves May 29th, 2015. Sign up today on our website by clicking here. Space is limited and this adventure will fill up fast!



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