Ride easy with Touratech’s Triumph Tiger 800 seat range

You can’t sit better than this! Touratech’s Comfort seats for the Triumph Tiger 800 range are purpose built for adventure touring and packed with features that are designed and tested by travellers and adventure riders in real-life conditions.

DriRide Breathable Seats 400They’re specially contoured for adventure travel with seams positioned strategically with comfort in mind.

We also offer this popular comfort seat in our patented breathable version for the most discerning riders.

The seat construction is based on an open-pored foam core with a spacer fabric around the seat to allow air to flow more easily through the ultra strong, elastic, waterproof textile cover.

The result of this elaborate construction is overwhelming, and guarantees maximum riding comfort not only on long rides, but also at high outside temperatures and in extreme humidity.

And yet there are no disadvantages or restrictions in normal every day use. Quite the opposite, in fact, because right from the very first kilometre, the air exchange helps to prevent your undergarments from wrinkling and creasing.

Touratech’s seats are available in low, standard and high configurations, and are the ultimate for rider and pillion passenger!

Touratech’s high quality seat is supplied complete and ready-to-fit – there is no delay waiting for reupholstery work. It does not require any modifications to your motorbike and simply replaces the original seat, which you can keep.

Vapor Flow Membrane TechnologyFeatures:
– Anatomically shaped based on extensive test riding in Germany
– Our proprietary high-strength foam provides superior cushioning to prevent pressure sores
– Even weight distribution plus optimised contact with the bike equals perfect control
– Hollowed recess in the middle of the seat relieves coccyx pressure
– Specially contoured pillion seat prevents slippage when braking and accelerating
– Available in different heights
– Seams are optimally positioned to avoid creating pressure points on the seat
– Suitable for long-distance touring
– Top quality materials manufactured to the highest standards
– Seats are modular, i.e. they fit together with the original rider or pillion seat
– Made in Germany
– You can either use the rubber stops that are fitted to the underside of the original seat, or you can order an extra set from your dealer
– You will need to use the locking mechanism from the original seat

Touratech seat height: from 49 cm to 55 cm

Original Height Triumph Tiger 800 XC: 51/53 cm

Touratech’s Comfort seats for the Triumph Tiger 800 XC start at $714.

For more information on Touratech products, visit, call (03) 5929 5529, or follow the company on Facebook.

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