Piaggio Winter Warmer Deals

For many riding a bike or scooter in the cooler months is often the furthest from their considerations while some riders tend to park their bike and revert to other forms of transport however, for scooters in particular, this should not be the case. Scooters, due to their design, offer great protection from the elements with riders legs located behind a front guard in a riding position that removes a high percentage of direct exposure to road spray and wind. Additional technical advances in the areas of braking and anti slip control see premium models now fitted with highly evolved rider support systems including Electronic Traction Control and ABS. Additionally there is a range of screens, lap rugs and weather friendly accessories to make riding more practical. Riders also now have access to a broad range of high quality, comfortable, water proof clothing providing even further reason to ride year round.

Piaggio offer a range of weather friendly bikes featuring excellent wet weather technology. Their flagship model, X10 500, is a tourer / commuter with advanced ABS and Traction Control in standard trim. A screen enhances protection while gear is stored safely in the large, dry, under seat storage area. The popular BV 350 is a taller wheeled model with an excellent power to weight ratio and also featuring both ABS and Traction Control. The third spoke to the wheel is the MP3 ‘Yourban’ 300. Yourban is the 3 wheeled wonder, designed with two wheels in the front to provide the practical, manoeuvrability of a normal bike and road holding more associated to a car. The two wheels on the front provide an extra level of braking and road grip which help negate many of the hazards associated with wet weather riding. Additionally Piaggio introduced LED daytime running lights on these 3 models to improve visibility in all conditions.

Right now save $1000 dollars on the X10 500, $800 on Yourban 300 or $700 on the BV 350. There is also a $230 saving on the urban run around, Typhoon 125, with its ‘balloon style’ tyres to cut through city slush.

These great winter friendly deals are available in May and June through all Authorised Piaggio dealers who, along with a great price, will also provide expert advice on a range of accessories safety gear and licence requirements to keep you dry and riding all year round.

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*$1000 discount applies to X10 500. Save $800 on the BV 350. $900 on the Yourban and $230 on a Typhoon 125 in May and June

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