Posted On 27 Apr 2024
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Living on Kangaroo Island is great but a bit limiting for motorbike riding, especially if you’re not keen on getting off the tar. A trip to the North Island was overdue, Ollie (Suzuki VStrom 650), Ron (2001 BMW K1200 GT) and I, Steve (2010 Triumph Thunderbird) had done a few rides together, including the Mildura Ulysses AGM, so it was easy to organise a weekend away for the three of us.

Friday morning saw us catching the 10.30 ferry to Cape Jervis, the weather was cool but fine and the sea was calm. From Cape Jervis we took the direct route to Adelaide, no time for country touring as Ron had to get the BMW a new battery. After taking out a small loan he replaced the battery and we headed for the hills. We had a cabin booked at the Hahndorf Resort Tourist Park so we decided that the Gorge Road would be a good way to get there. Adelaide is supposed to be an easy city to get around yet we struggled to find the start of that lovely windy road, despite the fact that we all had GPS! Being a weekday, the traffic was light and despite the loose gravel we had been warned of, the road was good. After settling into our cabin we nipped into Hahndorf for an “all you can eat for $21.00” tea. Back at the cabin plans were made for the next day’s ride. As a rule Ron and I tend to let Ollie lead the way, we are happy to follow. The trouble is Ollie doesn’t tend to stop much and we miss out on those great little pubs and cafés along the way, so we planned Saturday around several stops to sit, sip | and reflect.

The guilty parties, planning another jaunt off the rock.

Saturday morning started well with a short ride into town, a stroll down the main street and a relaxing coffee; so far, so good. Time for some riding, so we headed off to Angaston via Birdwood, Mt Pleasant and Springton,“WE STOPPED AT BEAUTIFUL ANGASTON FOR A BITE TO EAT, SITTING IN THE MAIN STREET AND FEELING WARM AND FUZZY” all very nice and civilised so far. Yes we stopped at beautiful Angaston for a bite to eat, sitting in the main street and feeling warm and fuzzy,then it was time to head for our main destination. A great little bit of road between Angaston and Sedan, winding its way down the side of the Mt Lofty Ranges. When I got to the bottom Ollie was already doing a U-turn and yelling “let’s do it again” so we rode up the hill and back down the hill again and then on towards Mannum. In true Ollie style we whizzed past a few small towns on the way back to Hahndorf.

We rode past a small country pub with a bike parked out the front, the rider sitting on the front veranda nursing a beer and I remember thinking, why don’t we stop for a chat? But the moment was gone in a flash.

Faithful steeds wait for their riders.

Sunday was the run to home via Victor Harbour and the ‘Rock & Roll Rendezvous’. We had a pleasant ride south, stopping briefly at Meadows before giving the old cars a once over at Victor Harbour. Ron and I soon became bored with that so, while Ollie visited an old friend, we decided we had time for a Currency Creek, Mt.

Compass, Nangkita Road and back Victor Harbour loop before taking on the Inman Valley road on the way to Cape Jervis and the ferry home.

When I reflect on the weekend I can think of two things worth mentioning.

Firstly, how lucky we are to have the freedom to ride wherever we like without fear and secondly, I find it interesting that three blokes can ride three very different bikes and each be totally delighted with their chosen steed.

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