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Welcome to a new section of Australian MOTORCYCLIST, highlighting some of the products and services that are sure to interest you. Manufacturers and distributors: if you have something that you think may interest our readers, just send in a photo and a few words – it’s a free service.


Ventura for Yamaha MT-07

Those wonderful Kiwis at Ventura have now released a rack for the Yamaha MT-07 to go with a wide range of Ventura bags and hard plastic topbox.

As we are lucky enough to have an MT-07 as a long termer, we are looking at getting one of the racks and bags to review. Until then, visit your local bike shop to grab a set, or visit for the full range of Ventura luggage available for a massive range of motorcycles.


Pack-It Cubes. Price – From $12.99

Everyone knows the sensation of trying to cram in as much as possible into their suitcase and/or panniers/topbox, seat bag or tank bag and then facing the dreaded realisation that you might never find some of it again. Eagle Creek’s new Pack-It Cubes gives those familiar feelings the flick and makes saving space and organising your bag a breeze.

The Pack-It Cubes have a modern design and come with a mesh top for both visibility and breath ability. The two-way zippered opening allows for maximum compression when you need to squeeze a lot into a little.

The Cubes come in four sizes (1.5L,5L, 10.5L and 21L). The largest, 21 litre Cube can be used to roll and compress pants, jumpers and shirts, while the smaller sizes (1.2L) are great for undies, socks, belts and electronic cords. The Cubes are also good for keeping your dirty clothes (if such a thing is conceivable) away from your clean ones. And they are completely washable. The Cubes are available in a nice range of colours: take your pick from black, blue sea, red fi re and earth green. Visit to see the entire range of products available.


Akrapovic for Harley-Davidson motorcycles

We all know how sweet an Akrapovic exhaust or slip-on sounds. Thank you, Igor. He has now produced slip-on systems for Harley Davidson motorcycles, specifically for the 2014 Harley-Davidson Sportster, Softail, and Dyna. Specially developed noise inserts and chambers enhance the unmistakable Harley Davidson sound to give the machine an even greater and more satisfying growl. Visit your local bike shop or visit for more.


Ugly Fish Photochromic Rockets. Price – $149.95

For the Easy Riders among us who enjoy the wind in their faces or with the visor up in a full face helmet at any time of the day, the Rocket Photochromic range from Ugly Fish is just the right protector eyewear to stick on their face on the next ride.

The Rockets NXT photochromic lenses have the ability to lighten and darken in a matter of seconds, depending on the time of day. Bugs, rocks and clumsy drops won’t be an issue either, as the lenses are shatterproof and heavily impact resistant.

These stylish biking goggles are compliant with Australian safety standards and include a maximum UV protection rating even during the hottest and brightest times of the day.

The Rockets are also coated with a permanent anti-fog and anti-scratch coating to keep your vision crystal clear in any weather condition for many years to come.

Not only are the Ugly Fish Rockets fashionable but they tick all the comfort boxes too. The detachable positive foam seal prevents airflow between your face, eyes and the glasses, while the flexible lightweight TR-90 frame is designed for a streamlined fit inside your helmet that won’t catch the lining when you slip them on. An additional elastic strap has also been included for a more secure and relaxed fit. For more information or to find a Rocket stockist near you head to the Ugly Fish website: www.uglyfi or call 1300 369 574.



The 2nd edition of the exclusive 946 Vespa, titled ‘Bellissima’, will be available to a select few from December. The hand crafted model, limited to less than 40 examples in Australia, is an exquisite reflection of the beloved Italian Vespa brand. Make sure you get into your local Vespa dealer to secure your bike – or at least to look at one.


Touratech suspension

Touratech Suspension will transform your motorcycle into the best possible touring bike, with a complete suspension solution that works straight out of the box.

Developed over three years by Touratech and TracTive, the suspension is specifi cally designed for use on adventure motorcycles, and gives you greatly improved handling and load carrying capabilities over the standard suspension. For more information on Touratech Suspension, go to http:/ equipment/suspension.html


Mustang fits Triumph America and Speedmaster

In a case of New England craftsmanship meeting a bike from merry olde England, Mustang Seats now offers a range of replacement seats and accessories for the Triumph America and Speedmaster. Engineered to improve the ride quality, Mustang’s seats also flow with the long, low lines of this pair of air-cooled parallel-twins. Now the best of both worlds is available to riders around the world.

Four versions are available to fit the Triumph America 2002- 2015 and Speedmaster 2003-2015: Two-piece Studded; Two-piece Vintage; Two-piece Studded with Driver Backrest and the Two-piece Vintage with Driver Backrest. For more details, visit


Dainese Air-Frame Tex jacket Price – $329.95

Continued comfort under changing weather conditions with excellent ventilation is hard to achieve in a ventilated jacket because whenever the temperature drops, you immediately feel cold. In this case, the Dainese Air Frame jacket offers the best solution by combining the ventilation achieved by ample inserts in mesh with protection against cold air offered by a remarkably lightweight wind-cheating insert. Provided with ample adjustment possibilities, jacket-pants fastening zip, homologated protectors and a pocket for a G-type back protector. Visit your local bike shop or



Bob Smith has been an insurance broking professional for over 25 years and says, “I cut my teeth on Harleys and BMWs after a request from Brisbane’s Morgan & Wacker to set up insurance for its customers at a time when theft was going through the roof and insurance premiums were around $3,000!” Remember that?

Instead of charging that kind of money, Bob came up with some very attractive rates that made NEIB (New England Insurance Brokers) extremely popular with HOG and Ulysses members.

He says, “We’ve helped all the clubs that are out there and we would like to continue to support them.”

Bob believes in the personal touch,and has always operated on a handshake, so to speak.

NEIB has several benefi ts that NEW IN THE SHOPS GOODIES FOR EVERYONE! NEW IN THE SHOPS GOODIES FOR EVERYONE! riders should investigate, but when considering insurance, Bob says that it’s vital for riders to compare the Product Disclosure Statements (PDS) to see what they will really get in the event of a get-off.

NEIB offers two policies, a standard and an upmarket policy, at attractive, competitive rates. The Bear has insured with NEIB and he is a very happy customer.

For instance, NEIB’s policies are Agreed Value, and your genuine listed accessories, like luggage, crash bars, etc., are covered.

“First and foremost,” says Bob, our rates are good enough so that you don’t have to look for discounts on things like rider training, although obviously we advocate it. And under certain circumstances, when you are doing a training event on a track, we will cover you – but not for track day racing, which is where you get into strife with insurance!” And insurance companies are not silly when it comes to your taking a chance and racing your bike on the track – just this once.

We remember a time when the insurance companies would send a representative to the track who would write down a list of all the registration numbers of the bikes.

If there was a claim on Monday,and your rego number was on the list, you were sunk!

One of the things we really like is NEIB’S Multi Bike Discount. “Obviously we know that no one person is going to be riding multi bikes at one time”, Bob says. And that makes sense. So if you have a commuter, a tourer and a classic in the garage, you are going to be very happy.

NEIB insures all bikes, including three-wheelers, classic, vintage and adventure bikes. Although Bob says adventure bikes are the worst risk … “because riders fall off, and they get stuck in isolated places and it’s very expensive to get them back. And most times they are written off as well,” he says.

“But still the biggest percentage of claims come from registered off road bikes that are stolen from trailers” he warns. “On the other hand, road bike claims are falling because of the advent of Data Dots and immobilisers.”

Bob says, “We are trying to make it as easy as we can to get reasonably priced insurance, taking into account your age and riding experience. Really, you only pay for what you need – for instance we offer fl exible riding gear cover, and we have the capacity to insure high value and custom-built motorcycles, trikes, scooters and all types of motorcycles sold in Australia.”

Another unique product from NEIB is insurance cover for motorcycles and trikes that are used for tour operations. There’s also a Tour Operator’s Public Liability that’s underwritten through CGU.

Bob is a great bloke and it’s worth talking to him when next you come to renewing your insurance policy. He might even make it worth your while to cancel your existing insurance and switch over. Get a quote, why don’t you!

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