CFMoto and Yamaha to begin joint venture in China

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Yamaha is to change its Chinese manufacturing partner, as a joint venture with CFMoto is signed off.

Since 1992 Yamaha has utilised Jianche to manufacture some of its models in China, although that seems to be about to change as a joint venture with CFMoto has now been agreed.

A press release announced by CFMOTO confirmed the news, with only regulatory checks to now be carried out.

The partnership will officially begin in November and will be called Zhuzhou CF Yamaha Motor C., LTD. (ZCYM). The release states it will have 500 employees, and that the shareholders will be CFMoto (50 per cent share), Yamaha Motor (44.23 per cent share), and Tair Lea LTD (5.77 per cent share). It also confirms the base of the joint venture will be Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province China, and that its primary business is, unsurprisingly, the ‘Production and sale of motorcycles’.

The full press release reads:

‘CFMOTO and Yamaha have reached an agreement to have a joint venture in Zhuzhou China. The name of the new business will be ZHUZHOU CF YAMAHA MOTOR

CO., LTD. (ZCYM). 

‘This joint venture is premised on the acquisition of the clearances, permits, etc., required by competition laws and other laws and regulations. CFMOTO and Yamaha will continue to discuss the direction of the joint venture with the aim of further raising competitiveness.’

Jianche specialised in low-capacity 125cc motorcycles and scooters, and this was shown in the models the company created as part of its agreement with Yamaha. It’s not clear yet whether Yamaha joining forces with CFMOTO will mean its Chinese manufacturing operation will work on more than just small-capacity bikes.

It’s also highly possible that at some point down the line, Yamaha could shift some of its ATV and side-by-side ATV production to CFMOTO in one form or another, seeing as that’s an area of the industry that the Chinese brand is already highly experienced in.

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