Harley D Breakout 2023 Celebrates 120 Years of Righteous Riding

Harley Davidson Breakout

In the world of cruisers Harley Davidson has always been king, and in celebrating their 120thbirthday this year it was a no brainer that there was something special coming from Milwaukee – enter the Harley D Breakout 2023.

While most manufacturers rely on whiz-bang tech to push their sales, Harley has chosen to double down on what it does best: a big air/oil cooled V twin with gobs of torque and a mountain of cubes, 117 cubic inches or as good as 2000cc, and lots of chrome.

Harley never skimps on the chrome.

The increase in displacement has made the Harley D Breakout an even more impressive street performer, and while much of the package is standard Harley fare, there has been some effort put into ergonomics and increasing rider comfort and control. 

The Breakout features traction control which can be turned off by the rider, but the electronics are not the headline, with its 21 inch front wheel, larger fuel tank and choice of colours that are not black, a lot of work has gone on image … and did we mention the chrome.

Prices start at $37.995.

For more information: https://www.harley-davidson.com/au/en/motorcycles/breakout.html

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