GWM Enters Motorcycle Market with Revolutionary Flat-Eight Engine

Posted On 24 Apr 2024
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GWM flat eight engine patent drawing

Great Wall Motors (GWM) has long been the leading manufacturer in China for SUVs and pickup trucks, with their vehicles sold in major metropolises such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and internationally. Recently, GWM introduced their first-ever motorcycle innovation, featuring a flat-eight engine, poised to rival the Honda Gold Wing.

Chinese billionaire Wei Jianjun

Since last year, rumors and test images have circulated about two eight-cylinder motorcycles from GWM, one resembling the Honda Gold Wing and the other a cruiser reminiscent of the Honda Rune. GWM’s chairman, Wei Jianjun, provided a semi-official glimpse of the machine in a video posted on their social media platforms, sparking interest. Speculations suggest that the company might unveil it at the Beijing Motor Show on April 25, 2024. A new brand name is expected as GWM showcases their bikes.

GWM’s Flat Eight Engine boasts a 2000cc flat-eight engine, surpassing the Gold Wing’s cylinder count. In addition to the engine, the company has made several enhancements, including a semi-automatic dual-clutch gearbox and a shaft final drive. The external layout, as depicted in patent filings, is designed to withstand various weather conditions.

As GWM enters the motorcycle market, the company demonstrates how their plans translate into innovation that could potentially outpace multiple rivals in the Chinese market and worldwide.

GWM’s latest innovation, the flat-eight tourer, marks a significant milestone in the market. While inspired by the iconic Honda Goldwing, GWM has enhanced its design with special features, including the eight-cylinder system. This bold move reflects the company’s commitment to advancement and determination to succeed in the motorcycle industry worldwide. As China’s largest manufacturer with ample resources and the backing of billionaire Wei Jianjun, GWM has the potential to disrupt the market and set new standards for luxury touring motorcycles. It will be fascinating to see how GWM’s motorcycle plans unfold and how they reshape the industry landscape in the coming years.

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