Posted On 28 May 2024
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The Black Box Neutrino from Arboreal Systems (SMART Accessories in Australia) is a power distribution and controller device. It is a great way to hook up all the add-on 12 volt devices and gadgets on your bike. It can also be used in cars, boats, caravans and anything that uses 12 volt devices. The Neutrino unit is packed full of features that make this the unit to buy. The best feature is that the setup and status of the unit are all managed via a smartphone. This feature not only makes it really simple and quick to setup and use; it also reduces the amount of wiring and number of devices you need to attach to your bike.

The unit itself is small so you can find plenty of places to mount it on a motorbike. There is some cabling to do, but the instructions that come with the device make it dead easy to hook up and the cabling is minimal. If you’re not confident in wiring things up, see an auto electrician.

You need a smartphone to get this working. Any iPhone or Android based phone works as long as it has Bluetooth 4.0 support. The application is free from the Apple Store or Google Play store and called the Neutrino Cockpit Controller.

Once you have the application on the phone and the unit is wired in and the ignition on, you will be able to directly connect the app to the Neutrino. There are no fiddly passwords or messing about with pairing devices. Simply go into the app and click on connect. The unit can be programmed once and set forever. So if you don’t have your own smartphone you can borrow one and set it up the way you like. However there is lots of cool status information you can retrieve from the device that makes this better than just a power distribution unit. You will want your own phone to get the full benefits.

The real beauty of the device is you can hook up 6 different devices without stacking up lots of cables on your battery terminals and having to mount on/off switches for every device. UHF radio, heated grips, heated seat, USB Ports, heated suit, jacket and gloves connectors etc. All of it can be controlled by your phone and there is no need to have a separate fuse for all your devices because the 6 output ports all have self resetting circuit breakers. The phone app will indicate which of the 6 circuits has tripped. This makes troubleshooting a breeze and saves replacing fuses while solving the problem.

The unit has some other cool stuff that I don’t consider part of power distribution but more like added extras. It can tell you the ambient temperature around the bike, it can tell your altitude above sea level, it can even tell your speed and set things to power up or down based on a time or time limit. I realise your mobile phone can tell you some of this stuff without having the Neutrino but it could be useful especially if your mobile is not in range of a mobile network.

The unit is firmware upgrade able via the app so if the manufacturer comes up with a fix or new features it is quick and easy to upgrade the unit. It is reasonably priced at $395 delivered and available from will also find great tutorials, instructions and detailed specifications on the device on the website.

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