Posted On 06 May 2024
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what’s he blabbing on about now?

As much as everyone probably thinks that The Bear and I are riding bikes all the time, you’d be surprised to know that 90% of the time we are stuck in the office typing, just like I’m doing right now!

But I got out on the new Ducati Multistrada the other day and decided just to go for a ride, which I haven’t done other than for “work” purposes for quite some time.

The weather was magic – around nine degrees first thing in the morning, creeping up to a beautiful fifteen degrees by lunchtime. There were some wispy clouds in the sky,but otherwise it was clear as far as you could see. I rode a familiar route, one that I have done hundreds of times over the years, but when you’re riding a different bike (and a comfy one at that) from one you’re used to, it makes all the difference.

I got to my “usual” turn around point and was really enjoying the riding, so kept going, basically until I needed to fill up with fuel. This was some 300km, making it a 600km day.

At the end, I’d felt like I’d only done the first 300. My batteries were charged and I was feeling great – oh the joy of motorcycling! So if you’re feeling a bit crappy, take a day off and just enjoy the wonderful buzz you can only get on a motorcycle!

In this issue we have our transport and tyre special features. For a long time I used to wonder how to get my bike transported, or if I bought a classic bike from overseas (keep dreaming, says Alana), how would I get it here? And, most importantly, would my pride and joy be looked after along the way? Well, we have just the people to do that for you in this issue.

As for tyres, many people don’t worry about them until it’s time to have them replaced, but these round and black things are so, so important. They affect how your bike handles and how well it copes with varying conditions. So have look at some of the new tyres that are being released and consider grabbing a set to fit to your ride.

And, I keep banging on about tyre pressures: they are extra important to get maximum life and the best possible handling from your machine.

I can usually feel a two pound drop, but I’ve ridden some bikes lately that have sat around, with the pressures dropping over this time and making the bikes ride like the wobbliest jelly you’ve ever experienced. While this is an extreme, please make sure you check your tyre pressures regularly.

Not only will you enjoy your riding more, your wallet will be covered in spider webs!

Sadly, this will be our last issue featuring the MOTOmania comic strip. We’ve used up all the ones that really make any sense and relate to motorcycling in general. The others are more German specific comedy and even The Bear struggles to understand them!

Anyone know how to draw and make people laugh?

Cheers, Stuart.

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