Dynamic and agile for maximum riding fun: the all new BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT

  • The new BMW C 400 X is priced from $8,990*
  • The new BMW C 400 X ion is priced from $11,290*
  • The new BMW C 400 GT is priced from $10,240*
  • The new BMW C 400 GT ion is priced from $11,890*
  • Efficiency optimised single-cylinder engine with a directly integrated CVT gearbox
  • Output of 25kW (34 hp) at 7500 rpm and a maximum torque of 35 Nm at 6000 rpm
  • Powerful braking system with ABS and LED lighting technology as standard
  • New dynamic exterior with three paint finishes – C 400 X: Zenith Blue Metallic, Alpine White and Black Storm Metallic, C 400 GT: Alpine White, Moonwalk Grey Metallic and Black Storm Metallic.
  • Aluminium water radiator utilised for an effective and compact cooling system
  • Newly developed chassis for improved handling and ride comfort
  • Added weather protection and ergonomics for maximum comfort
  • Generous storage compartments and Flexcase
  • Multifunctional instrument cluster with 6.5-inch full-colour TFT screen included on the C 400 X ion and the C 400 GT ion.

BMW Motorrad is proud to announce the new 2019 BMW C 400 range pricing and specification.

Since the introduction of the BMW C 600 range as the first premium maxi scooter back in 2011, BMW Motorrad further extends the product range with two new premium mid-sized scooters – the BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT.

“We’re extremely excited to bring the new BMW C 400 range to the Australian market and to extend our premium scooter offering,” said BMW Motorrad General Manager Andreas Lundgren.

“The new scooter features a newly developed drivetrain and chassis, and an array of equipment and functions that augment the bike’s agility, comfort, practicality and efficiency to a new level.

“It’s well suited to easily moving through major urban congestion, but has an element of excitement and fun to make morning commutes and every day riding enjoyable.”

BMW C 400 range pricing including GST*

BMW C 400 X $8,990*
BMW C 400 X ion $11,290*


BMW C 400 GT $10,240*
BMW C 400 GT ion $11,890*

Efficiently tuned powertrain package for swift urban riding.

At the heart of BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT lies a newly developed single-cylinder 350 cc engine that is tuned for maximum efficiency.

Capable of delivering 25 kW (34 hp) at 7500 rpm and 35 Nm of torque at 6000 rpm, the engine is paired with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) and a 12.8 litre fuel tank to produce a smooth and fuel efficient ride.

Carburation is controled by an electronic fuel injection system, 40mm desmodromic throttle valve unit and a compact BMS-E2 engine control unit. The system calculates the optimal fuel injection quantity and ignition timing to ensure low levels of power consumption and effective cold start responses.

To ensure an effectively thermal balanced engine, the cooling system flows through the front of the cylinder head on the hotter exhaust side, thereby creating an intensive cooling effect at the highest point of thermal stress.

Excellent air intake and through-flow creates an added cooling effect, with an electrical fan activated automatically during prolonged idling or stop-and-go operation.

For noise reduction and absorbtion, the exhaust system is fitted with a rear stainless steel silencer. The scooter is also fitted with a closed-loop catalytic converter and oxygen sensor in the exhaust manifold to meet emission requirements .

Innovative chassis design for a comfortable ride.

A torsionally stiff tubular frame forms the perfect foundation, creating a structure that is stable at high speeds and agile during daily use. Together with twin 265mm disc brakes at the front, single 265mm rear disc brake, ASC and ABS as standard, the BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT delivers added safety and remarkable handling.

With a 35mm tube diametre telescopic fork in the front and a generous spring travel of 110 mm in the front and 112mm in the rear, the BMW C 400 X and BMW C 400 GT guarantee a high level of comfort during daily commutes or weekend dynamic rides.

Additionally, the drivetrain contains a counterbalance shaft positioned above the crankshaft that rotates in the opposite direction of the crankshaft and offsets the forces of enertia almost completely. To suppress and reduce vibrations from the engine further, the entire drive unit is connected to the suspension via silent blocks, producing a smooth and enjoyable ride.

A unique sporting and ergonomic design.

The BMW C 400 X showcases a distinctive silhouette, characteristic of BMW Motorrad styling.

Individual LED turn indicators at the rear as well as integated indicators on the side trim elements at the front contribute to the scooter’s modern styling. Twin-tipped engine spoiler and integrated radiator grille enhances the sporty appearance.

The new BMW C 400 X will be available in Zenith Blue metallic with grey-black seat stitching, Alpine White non-metallic with red-black seat stitching or Black Storm metallic with grey-black seat stitching, three paint finishes that compliment and augment the striking features of the scooter.

The clean cockpit layout features broad ergonomic handlebars and a sporty seat positioning allow for a dynamic ride and heightened control.

A specially designed windshield provides the protection against weather and reduction in wind noise. For added protection, a higher windshield is available from the original BMW Motorrad accessories program.

Gran Turismo model available from launch.

The BMW mid-sized scooter product range features the all new BMW C 400 GT variant with unique features that make it suitable for riders embarking on touring adventures.

To ensure maximum comfort and enhanced weather protection on longer journeys, the new C 400 GT is fitted with a separate rider backrest and passenger footboards and a higher windshield.

For added convenience, Keyless Ride comes standard on the C 400 GT and meets the demands of everyday practicality and touring suitability.

Three paint finishes are available to the BMW C 400 GT- Alpine White and Blackstorm Metallic, as well as Moonwalk Grey Metallic as an unique paint option for the GT.

Enhanced technologies and added practicality.

For superior road visibility and safety, the new BMW C 400 X and GT utilises LED technology to illuminate the road for night time riding. Daytime riding light is standard on the C 400 X ion.

A variety of features and functions can be found on the LCD multifunctional instrument cluster which includes an integrated engine speed display, system indicator lights and an analog speedometre. For night time visibility, the LCD lighting changes to orange to reduce strain on eyes.

Included on the C 400 X ion and also on the C 400 GT ion is the 6.5-inch full colour TFT screen featuring an advanced BMW Motorrad Multi-Controller to allow access to an array of vehicle and connectivity functions. Activated with Bluetooth connection, the systems gives the rider the capability of making phone calls and listening to music during travel to make the journey convenient and entertaining.

The BMW C 400 X and GT showcases the patented BMW Motorrad Flexcase, a unique storage compartment located under the seat that can be extended downward via a flap in the rear base. Made from a durable Kevlar-like material, the storage space creates a dirt-resistant and waterproof environment that is capable of accommodating an integral helment and a jet helmet when the scooter is parked. The Flexcase is closed during travel.

Two additional storage compartments can be found in the front section and are operated via a button. The right-hand storage compartment includes a 12-volt power socket to allow for convenient charging. A USB adapter is avaialble as an original BMW Motorrad accessory.

The mid-sized scooter comes equipped with a side stand and a cleverly designed kinematic centre stand that makes propping up the bike convenient and effortless.

Keyless Ride is also included on the C 400 X ion and on both C 400 GT variants which controls the locking functions of the ignition, handlebars, set, fuel filler cap and storage compartments.

The BMW C 400 models can also be fitted with a luggage bridge for transportation purposes that enables attachment of a topcase, both available as original BMW Motorrad accessories.

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