Defying the Odds: A Motorcycle Enthusiast’s Journey Through Cancer Recovery

With the thrill of adrenaline, the camaraderie of mates, or the sheer convenience of commute, for many, motorcycles symbolize different things. But for Steve, a bike builder, it sparks a unique poignant narrative of his life. In a world entrenched by fast-paced, technology-driven narratives, his story is a well-crafted testament to the power of perseverance, passion, and the human spirit.

Steve’s affair with motorcycles began more than four decades ago. His first ride on a stripped-down CB 100 road bike ignited a fascination for bikes that only grew stronger with time. In his dedicated sanctuary – his shed, he indulged in the art of building custom bikes which he found gratifying. The rush of bringing life to discarded parts, the gratification of restoring a damaged bike to its former glory, and the satisfaction derived from every curve, every spin became the core of Steve’s existence.

This long-standing affection for bikes encountered an unforeseen halt when he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma. The journey that followed was heart-wrenching, to say the least. The arduous regime of chemotherapy took him to the brink of life, temporarily halting his shed life, and hitting him hard in terms of mental health. This period was one of the toughest times in Steve’s life, taking him away from his passion, his shed life, his nirvana.

However, much like the sturdy motorcycles he built, Steve rode straight through the storm. His resilience and determination led him back into his shed, his happy place. The familiar scents of petrol, oil, mold, and sawdust served as a therapeutic homecoming.

Yet, his ride wasn’t solitary. Steve, along with his mate, Paul, initiated the Orange Cafe Racers, a group that provided an outlet for people who, like them, found it hard to socialize. This group soon evolved into a thriving men’s health group, acting as a pillar of support for many.

His latest endeavor – Blue Moto, creates mental health awareness rides. Through his initiative, he aims to connect people, hoping that they resonate with someone, making the battle easier. Achieving this, even if for two people, makes the initiative worthwhile, according to Steve.

Steve’s journey hasn’t just been about motorcycles and custom builds. It’s a tale of resilience, of battling a life-threatening illness, of turning a passion into a lifeline, and most importantly, of acknowledging and addressing mental health problems. His story resonates far beyond his shed or the biking community – it’s a testament of human spirit that speaks to us all.

Through his story, Steve shows that even in our darkest time, passion and community can ignite the brightest spark of hope. Whether you’re a biker, a builder, or simply someone battling your demons, remember, you’re not alone. Just like Steve, you too, can turn the ignition on and reveal the extraordinary in the ordinary.

Steve indeed serves as a reminder of the old saying, “You cannot buy happiness, but you can ride a motorcycle”, and aren’t they kind of the same thing? Tune into Steve’s awe-inspiring journey of resilience and ride along.

All credits to Cinemedia, who are the producers of this video.

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