Stacy Heaney: The Post-Classic Racer Par Excellence

Australian motorcycling is seeing a significant increase in the number of female competitors in the sport, one could list a host of reasons, but none is more compelling than the rise of Stacy Heaney. Stacy isn’t just a successful post-classic racer, enduro rider, and road racer. She is also passionate about getting more women riding, propelling both the gender balance and skill level within the sport forward.

Raised in a bike-racing family, Stacy’s love for bikes was instilled early. With a dad who’s an avid bike collector and siblings who share the same passion for racing, her journey started when she was four. Her first bike, a JR50, was an unconventional first bike for a child so young; it offered a steep yet rewarding learning curve that set the tone for her racing career.

Breaking into historic racing, Stacy proved that talent recognises no age when she began racing an XR75 at seven before transitioning to an SL125. In the cliquish world of historic racing, she’s found camaraderie, shared passion, and a supportive network of like-minded bike enthusiasts who not only race but care for both bike and the fellow riders.

She faced challenges headon as she embraced road racing. Her first race ended in an infamous crash, with her bike shattering to pieces at Broadford’s famous crash corner. Yet, two weeks later, she returned stronger than ever and won her class in her first road race event at Mount Tarangala.

Stacy etched her name into motorcycling history as the first female to compete in and finish the strenuous Australian three-day vintage endure on a small XR 200. Riding through the forests of Blackwood, she claimed a prestigious title that can never be taken away from her and has rightly described this as one of her proudest moments in racing.

Her advice for new riders is prompt yet insightful. “Start racing,” she recommends. To her, racing amplifies the connection between a rider and their motorcycle, fostering knowledge and confidence that makes one a better, safer rider.

Stacy rides a heavily modified 1972 xs50, imbued with the old soul of traditional XS and updated for safer racing, and a CBR250 she refers to as her “little black beauty.” But her garage is adorned with a plethora of two-wheeled machines old and new, from a 1954 BSA 350 and a CB750 Honda 4 of 1971 to a CRF250 and a fresh CRF 450.

Stacy’s racing journey, as exciting as it is, is not a solitary one. With her dad by her side, she has a guiding hand that’s been instrumental in her learning to be independent on and off the track. As she muses, “It’s very handy when things go pear-shaped.”

Her racing canvas extends beyond Australian shores as she’s made her mark on international circuits. Notable among her overseas exploits is her stint at New Zealand’s Burt Monroe Festival, which she describes as one of her best life experiences. There, she came in fourth at the adrenaline-spiked bluff hill climb.

When asked about how she feels on the track, her reply is “Strong and powerful.” For Stacy, racing is an avenue for relaxation and clearing her mind, putting the focus solely on the road ahead.

Stacy is building a “Girl Army,” encouraging more women to join the racing domain. Her determination to make racing more inclusive aligns seamlessly with her passion and skill. She is setting an empowering precedent in the motorcycling scene, effectively rallying female riders and inspiring others to follow her tread marks.

To join her thriving community, check out Stacy Heaney Racing on social media,where she generously shares insights, inspiration, and ways to get involved, especially through women’s track days. What Stacy is doing extends beyond competing in races. She’s pioneering a cultural shift in the sport of racing, inspiring more women to get involved.

In conclusion, Stacy Heaney is not just an incredibly successful post-classic, enduro, and road racer; she exemplifies the spirit of the sport — the resilience, the passion, the community. Her story—a thrilling blend of adrenaline, passion, skill, and resilience — is an inspiration to all, irrespective of age or gender, demonstrating that with passion and persistence, anyone can make a mark in the motorcycling world.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a novice interested in the sport, witnessing her race or hearing her story is guaranteed to provide a substantial dose of inspiration, determination, and motorcycling wisdom. After all, in Stacy’s world, it’s all about the ride, the exciting journey, and the beloved motorcycle community.

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