KTM Releases the 2024 RC 8C: A Track Weapon Limited to 100 Units

KTM Releases the 2024 RC 8C: A Track Weapon Limited to 100 Units

In a move that sets the racing world abuzz, KTM Releases the 2024 RC 8C. This limited-edition marvel isn’t just any bike; Its craftsmen handcraft it with the singular purpose of dominating the track. With only 100 units in the offing, the RC 8C promises an unparalleled racing experience, infused with the essence of KTM’s READY TO RACE philosophy and a generous nod to Grand Prix excellence.

KTM Releases the 2024 RC 8C: A Track Weapon Limited to 100 Units

At the heart of the 2024 RC 8C lies an 889 cc LC8c parallel-twin engine, a powerhouse designed to deliver Moto2™ levels of performance. This engine, combined with a meticulously engineered 25CrMo4 steel tubular frame, catapults the bike into the realm of racing legends. The Carbon Kevlar bodywork, inspired by the prowess of the KTM RC16, not only adds to the bike’s aesthetic appeal but also its aerodynamic efficiency.

KTM’s collaboration with Krämer Motorcycles in the development of the RC 8C underscores a shared commitment to pushing the boundaries of motorcycle racing. The bike’s race-ready features, such as quick-release tank and body panels, lightweight Dymag wheels, and Pirelli race slicks, underscore its track-only pedigree.

Top-tier WP APEX PRO COMPONENTS manage suspension duties, featuring a 43 mm WP APEX PRO 7543 closed cartridge fork at the front and a WP APEX PRO 7746 shock at the rear, ensuring razor-sharp handling and a tailored riding experience. The braking system, featuring MotoGP™-derived Brembo components, guarantees formidable stopping power with precision.

An exclusive pre-order opportunity kicks off on 20 March at 15:00 CET via Prospective owners must place a 1,000 Euros deposit and choose a preferred dealer for delivery. Furthermore, we invite buyers to a one-of-a-kind handover experience in Portimão, Portugal, which includes a personalized track setup session, a private dinner, and an exclusive track day experience with KTM racing legends.

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