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Dririder Climate Control
EXO 2 jacket
Price – $399.95

I had the pleasure of getting the original version of Dririder’s Climate Control EXO jacket when it was first released a few years ago – I wore it to death. It was comfy and really suited what I was looking for in an everyday jacket. Roll on to the latest updated version from Dririder, the Climate Control EXO 2 jacket which provides more safety and features than ever before. The major feature that’s different between the original EXO jacket, which was mostly of a hi tenacity mesh, is that this second version has leather panels on the shoulder and forearm areas. This increases crash protection hugely. You also get CE certified D3O armour for the shoulders and elbows, which is supremely comfortable compared to normal foam armour. The back protector is just made from high density foam, but you can get an accessory D30 item for $39.95.

Rather than the snap type arm adjusters on the original version, the new EXO 2 gets Velcro adjustable forearm and biceps. This makes it suitable for a wider range of arm sizes and ultimately makes for a more comfortable jacket, as you can adjust it just right for each arm.

The EXO 2 has zip out waterproof and 85 gram thermal winter linings and I wore this jacket on the recent Suzuki GSX-S launch, where the temperature got down to around zero, or just below. I did have both the waterproof and thermal linings in, but while the cold was bearable enough, I would say ideally this jacket would be suitable for temps down to 3-5 degrees and up to 33-35 degrees in the hotter months – an all-round jacket as intended.

I’m not overly a fan of having the full cover closure around the neck like most jackets have and this is where the EXO 2 is perfect (for me). It has an open neck and a snap closure just down from that, which is much more comfortable for what I like and the neck itself is a soft neoprene – again, very comfortable.

You get two waterproof outside pockets and a smartphone sized pocket on the inside of the thermal liner. Inside the jacket itself is a larger pocket that will take phone, wallet and keys.

The jacket comes in black or black/white and a wide range of sizes from XS to (wait for it) 8XL! I took a size 4XL for my 195cm giraffe-likeness. See your local bike dealer or visit, this is a true all year round jacket that’s comfy to wear. SW

Segura Retro 70 jacket
Price – $649.95

I had been after just the right retro leather jacket for a couple of years and I finally found the one! It is from a well-known brand overseas, but one that is only just becoming known in Australia – Segura.

Ficeda Accessories is the distributor of Segura (a French company) products in Australia and after getting up close and feeling and seeing the quality of the new Segura range at their recent Australian launch I knew I had to have one.

The one I chose is Segura’s Retro 70 leather jacket. It is made from buffalo leather and combined with the armour in the shoulders and elbows the entire jacket is CE approved, not just the armour as with so many other items on the market. The leather is remarkably soft and supple – one of the main attractions for me. This particular jacket is the one that will grow to be “my own”; the retro aspect is that the leather has a special treatment to that vintage look.

As it ages the leather will get its own unique look and of course the leather will get softer and softer, the more I wear it. And wear it I have already! I don’t think I’ve stopped wearing it, even at home! Alana says I look very suave, but of course she’s going to say that!

The Retro jacket comes with a zip-out thermal winter liner, fixed mesh lining, height adjustable elbow protectors and five outside and three inside pockets.

You can get the Retro in a variety of colours. From a “standard” black with white stripes, to my black with yellow stripes, an awesome looking dark brown with orange stripes, to red, tan or blue leather with white stripes. The Retro is available in sizes S-4XL.

I’m 195cm tall and take a 3XL.

Not only can this be used as a motorcycle jacket, but along with most of the Segura range this particular jacket is fashionable enough to wear off the bike and can be worn just as that – a fashion piece and I’ll be using the Retro for both functions. See your local bike dealer, or visit to get your piece of luxury today! SW

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