Treat yourself to some Wild Ass

WILD ASS motorcycle air cushion that is!

Wild Ass motorcycle air cushions have been designed using clinically proven medical seating technology.

• The cushion eliminates painful pressure points and promotes proper circulation utilizing adjustable interconnected air cells which conform to the rider’s shape regardless of weight or seating position.

• Additional benefits are reduction of shock and vibration to reduce lower back pain and air circulation under the rider to disperse heat and perspiration.

• Recommended for riders who would like reduction of painful pressure points, increased blood circulation, reduced vibration, shock absorption, heat and moisture reduction in the seating area.

• Each cushion is supplied with a cover that has a none slip base and Velcro straps to attach to the seat if required. The covers have side mesh panels for air circulation and are easily removed for washing.

Air cushions are available in three materials Lite, Air Gel or Classic each in three shapes Smart, Sport or Pillion.

Made of economical light weight polyurethane.
Reduces painful pressure points, promotes circulation, reduces heat and moisture build- up.
Reduces shock and vibration better than any other low cost comfort product on the market
Great for the budget conscious occasional ride.

With three layers of polyurethane, the Wild Ass Air Gel is unlike any other cushion in the market.
Gel pads inserted inside each individual air cell provide additional cushioning shock absorption and vibration dampening.
Can also be used without air when the rider wishes to feel 100% “close to the bike” with some additional cushioning.
The Air Gel is a great mid-priced cushion for riders with multiple cushion needs.

Made with extremely durable medical grade neoprene rubber;
The ultimate in comfort, elasticity, and natural “Butt Feel” in a motorcycle cushion
The Classic provides superior reduction of painful pressure points, reduces shock and vibration, and promotes proper blood flow.
The Classic is the Wild Ass premium line and is designed for frequent long distance riders who want only the best level of comfort money can buy.

Available at all good motorcycle shops or visit

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