Posted On 22 Feb 2024
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Andorran roads are simply superb once you get out of Andorra la Vella.

low-speed drop on the gravel, but just scratched a pannier. We crossed back into Spain by way of the Col d’Ares.

Even the weather cooperated, and after the highlight of the day – a canyon called the Gorges de Galamus with overhanging rocks, tight curves and a green river far below – we were treated to a superb picnic lunch put on by the guides. After all this, what had seemed to be a short riding day – 280km – turned out to be a very full one. I rode last for most of the day, which overcomes my reluctance to stop for photos. This way, I’m not slowing anyone else down and I can always catch up.

Photo stops were in rather shorter supply than I had hoped.

The menu that evening offered ‘colt’.

“Is that the gun or the small horse?” I asked the waiter facetiously.

“It is the small ‘orse, m’sieu,” he replied. Ah yes, we were in France.

One of the many duty-free establishments in Andorra.

“Not for me,” I said. “It’s big horse or nothing for me.”

“We can arrange big ‘orse,” said the waiter. “Pas de problem.”

“No,” I said, “I have eaten so much big horse that I am tempted by the roadside grass and neigh in my sleep.” Phew.

Actually I have eaten a fair bit of horse, almost all of it in France and much of it in Chinese food, but I don’t like it very much.

It has a kind of sweetish taste that doesn’t go with meat according to my palate. The local beer, on the other hand, Moritz, went with everything remarkably well.

The Gorges de Galamus again, in case you’d forgotten.


And then we were just about at the end. The first part of the last day was a bit like the day before, with more wonderful little roads and a stop at what looked like a cross between a sanatorium and a castle. Unfortunately there was no explanation; just that it was a refreshment stop. Later

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