Posted On 03 May 2024
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This is the sweetest angel of them all. Pirelli really does it right. We’ve ridden on many tyres from the Pirelli range from the dirt to the race track and everything in between, and loved the consistent feedback and excellent performance every time.

Not happy with the OEM tyres on our long term Yamaha MT-07, I contacted our mate Don at Pirelli distributors, Link International and asked for a set of Pirellis. Don sent down a set of the delightful Angel GTs. I got them fitted with our friends at Team Moto, Blacktown and was instantly impressed with the transformation the Angel GTs made to the MT-07. I actually had feel in the front tyre, and loads of grip. Increased comfort was also immediately noticeable.

But it was rain I wanted, and rain I got. You will have heard, seen or read about the pelting that Sydney and surrounding areas received recently. I just donned the BMW wet weather gear and rode (or maybe swam) to the office.

I loved the ton of grip that the Angel GTs gave, even carving their way through flooded roads as if they were dry. I did my usual rain test and pushed the tyres until they slid and I could have sworn I was riding in the dry with the pace I was holding – impressive!

It seems from general conversation on our Facebook page that a number of you are equally impressed with the performance, versatility and wear rates of the Angel GT. I now have just over 2000km on these, including a track day, and they still look new. One important factor here is that the MT-07 is such a light motorcycle, and based on that I think that life expectancy will be 15,000km (even with my riding).

And even though I am riding the MT-07 quite a bit, this will equate to around two years from the set of Angel GTs.

Very impressive and tyres that I’m happy to recommend after using them on a number of quite different bikes.

Priced at $219 for the 120/70/ZR17 front and $319 for the 180/55/ZR17 rear, they are great value, too. See your local Pirelli tyre dealer or visit to fi nd a dealer close to you. SW

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