Posted On 25 Mar 2024
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The Bear’s Suzuki V-Strom 650 long-termer was ready for some new hoops and we have always loved Pirellis, no matter what type of bike we’re riding. It was natural then to get a set of Pirelli’s Scorpion Trail tyres fitted to the Wee-Strom and see how much of a change they’d make.

Pirelli say the Scorpion Trail is a tyre suited for, “Enduro motorcycles with a touring setup, capable of tackling long journeys and excursions with light off road stretches. Sporty on the road, but capable of handling dirt roads,” and this is pretty much bang on the money.

I estimate that if your adventure touring bike will see 85% bitumen (or more),15% dirt, the Scorpion Trail is right up your alley.

Technology comes via a steel belt at zero degrees, ensuring great stability and excellent handling on all types of road surface, even at full load. A compound with the latest generation ingredients enables the maximum traction in all weather conditions and an outstanding ratio between performance and longevity. In other words, they both stick and last.

The Wee-Strom (on its OEM tyres) felt slow in steering and lacked a bit of feel – a bit wooden is how I would describe it best. But I instantly found the Scorpion Trails quickened up the steering and gave a lot of both feel and stability, removing that wooden feeling.

And grip, wow! I had to remember that I was on a tyre classed as an “adventure touring” item. You could easily mistake these as being sports touring tyres.

That’s how good the grip is.

I’ve used the Scorpion Trails quite a bit in the dirt, and again, they give plenty of feedback and grip is good, even on trails that you might not think suitable for a tyre like this. Pirelli says the Scorpion trail has a revolutionary tread pattern which combines high performance with a contemporary and innovative design. And yes, it is a good looking tyre but more importantly, both on and off-road, it offers a reassuringly high level of performance.

If you use the Pirelli Scorpion Trail as an all-round adventure touring tyre you are going to be a happy chappy (or chicky). Longevity seems to be excellent and I estimate we’ll get at least 12,000km from these great set of tyres. I guess the only thing now is to fight The Bear for the keys to the Wee Strom more often.

Better grab them fast, Stuart. We’re selling the Wee Strom, remember? See page 78 for details. PT

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