Talking Fire Pit with Big Steph: A Deep Dive into the Benelli Leoncino

Posted On 17 Aug 2023
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Welcome to a special feature of, where Ross from Biker Talk sits down with Big Steph of the podcast ‘Bikes, Burgers, Beers’. This time, the spotlight falls on the Benelli Leoncino. Is this beast worthy of taking the crown from its rivals, such as the Himalayan? Let’s find out.

First Impressions

Big Steph, glad to see you again! So, let’s tackle the lion in the room (pun intended) – the Benelli Leoncino. Now, many people might confuse the name with Limoncello or even lemon chicken, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Ross: What were your initial positives when it came to the Leoncino?

Steph: The build quality blew me away. I had assumed that the Leoncino would feel less refined. But no, it feels and looks premium. And that engine! It’s got a relentless power delivery. Even at the redline, the Leoncino seems to beg for more. And for those who’re wondering about its ride quality, it’s super comfy, even on long rides.

Ross: Couldn’t agree more! The power, especially beyond 4,500 revs, is mesmerizing. And yes, it’s aesthetically pleasing. The spoked wheels, the fly screen, and that exhaust! Visually, the bike strikes a balance between rugged and refined.

Points to Ponder

But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows for Big Steph.

Ross: Were there aspects of the Leoncino that didn’t sit well with you?

Steph: Yes, a couple of things irked me. The bike had a tendency to stall, often at the most inopportune moments. Plus, the throttle felt quite snatchy below 3,000 RPM.

Ross: The road version of the bike didn’t seem to have that issue. I suspect it’s a mapping issue or perhaps because of the kind of rigorous use it has seen.

Comparison Time

Given the similar specs in weight and purpose, Ross and Steph pondered how the Benelli Leoncino stacks up against its competitors.

Ross: Which bikes would you compare the Leoncino to?

Steph: The Ducati Scrambler and the Triumph come to mind. But if we are to pit it against the Himalayan, I see them serving slightly different purposes. The Himalayan feels more like an entry-level adventure bike while the Leoncino, with its power and aesthetics, occupies a slightly higher tier.

Ross: The Himalayan did feel a tad more comfortable on off-roads due to its lighter frame, but the Leoncino isn’t far behind. Especially after a recent off-road course I took, I feel more equipped to tackle terrains with it.


The Benelli Leoncino might have its quirks, but it’s a package filled with power, style, and comfort. Its versatility makes it a worthy contender in the mid-capacity adventure bike category.

For those on the lookout for a bike that can transition smoothly between city roads and gravel tracks, the Leoncino is a strong contender to consider.

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