Strong Motorcycle Sales in 2016

The Australian motorcycle and ATV market grew strongly in the first three quarters of 2016, with the latest sales figures revealing a 5.5 per cent increase over the same period in 2015.
Sales for the first three quarters of 2016 totalled 79,237.

The Chief Executive of the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries, Tony Weber, said that this was one of the best three-quarter sales outcomes for the industry for several years.
“It’s terrific to see the motorcycle industry so vibrant and busy, and we are looking forward to considerable sales activity as we lead into summer months,” Mr Weber said.

The strongest growth segment was the ATV and SSV (Side by Side Vehicles) segment, recording a 9 per cent growth over the same nine-months, with 15,943 of these four-wheeled vehicles sold YTD. Honda remains the leading ATV/SSV manufacturer by a slim margin, selling 4164 (or 26.1 per cent of the market), followed closely by Polaris (25.1 per cent), Yamaha (20.2 per cent) and BRP (12.3 per cent).

The off-road motorcycle market also showed strong gains, up 5.0 per cent over the first three quarters of 2016 compared with the same period in 2015, while the road bike market powered ahead by 6.4 per cent. The only decline in the overall market was again in scooters, which fell 11.9 per cent compared with the same period last year.

Overall, for the January-September period, Honda was the leading volume manufacturer with 21.6 per cent of the market. It was closely followed by Yamaha with a 21.4 per cent share. Kawasaki was the third-ranked manufacturer with a 9.4 per cent market share, shadowed by Harley-Davidson (9.1 per cent) and Suzuki (8.8).

Road bikes accounted for the largest proportion of the new motorcycle market, holding a 43.9 per cent share. Of those sales, seven of the top ten are LAMS bikes!

Off-road motorcycles accounted for 31.9 per cent, ATVs for 20.1 per cent and scooters for the remaining 4.1 per cent.

Harley Davidson was again the top seller in the road motorcycle segment, selling 20.7 per cent of the 34,778 road motorcycles sold between January and September 2016. The US brand was followed by Honda, which sold 19.2 per cent, Yamaha third with 16.7 per cent, followed by Kawasaki (10.6 per cent) and BMW (6.8).

Yamaha maintained its solid lead in the off-road motorcycle segment, selling 30.4 per cent of the 25,288 sold nationally. It was followed by Honda (22 per cent), KTM (19.6), Kawasaki (11) and Suzuki (10.9).

In a declining scooter market, Piaggio continued its sales lead with a 23.9 per cent share of the total 3228 units sold. Honda came in second with 21.9 per cent, Vespa third (20.1 per cent), Aprilia (8.7) and Suzuki (8.4).

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