Sporty new Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Corsa announced

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The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone Corsa features harks back to the golden age of retro roadsters and was revealed a the Moto Guzzi Open House event.

MOTO Guzzi launched a new bike at its recent Open House event, in the form of a retro cafe racer special edition, the MotoGuzzi V7 Stone Corsa.

As the name suggests, the bike is very closely related to the V7 Stone, although differentiates itself with new two-tone silver and red paint, and a host of other from the front to the back of the bike.

The handlebars, which are sadly not clip-ons, feature bar-end mirrors, and a plaque on the top clamp signifies it was one of the special edition machines. The fork gaiters have also been removed for a more sporty and focused look, and the filler cap is now a billet item, finished in anodised black. Rounding out the rear of the bike, the passenger seat is shrouded in a removable cowl for that retro racer look.

One colour scheme is available for the new V7 Stone Corsa, with a metallic grey colour scheme top part running to just below the Moto Guzzi emblem on the tank. From there down the bike is finished in a bright red colour, with matched side panels also painted red.

The main element of the bike that catches your eye is the new headlight cowl and flyscreen. That too is finished in the two-tone colour scheme, and while probably not a very practical addition to the bike, it’s the final piece of the puzzle and does look pretty cool.

The rest of the bike seems to exactly the same spec as the stock V7 Stone, which means the bike will have an easy-going 51bhp and 40.3lb-ft from the 744cc V-twin engine.

No pricing has been announced as it stands, and if you are interested you’d be best to have a chat with your local Moto Guzzi dealership.

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