Just a reminder about our own top tour for this year. As you will have read, Stuart’s conducted tour of the South island of New Zealand went off like the proverbial; I reckon this one will be even better.

I am inviting you, our readers, along on The Bear’s Best of the West ride in the US from the 15th to the 30th of August. With the expert help of Steven “Skip” Schippers of Great American Motorcycle Touring I was able to tweak one of his tours so that it covered the roads I want to ride.

If you’ve been reading my stories, you have probably realised how much I enjoy touring the western United States. Now I can show you why. On my visits I’ve found some special places, and I really like the idea of sharing them with you directly, not just on paper.

This is a 16 day tour with 14 days of riding. Milestones along the way include well-known attractions like the Pacific Coast, one of the most iconic stretches of Route 66, and Monument Valley, plus national parks like Death Valley, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Sequoia and Zion. All linked by superb roads in weather that should be wonderful – although I obviously can’t guarantee that. On top of that you’ll have a chance to meet motorcycle design legend Craig Vetter, and share a meal with him.

Cost is very reasonable, ranging from $5,995 per person for two people sharing one bike and one room, to $7,195 per person and a bike sharing a room with someone else, and $8,995 per person with a bike and a single room. Cost of air fares is not included, and all costs are quoted in US dollars. Even at the present exchange rate this is good value! Mention my name when you book and you’ll get a discount of $300 per motorcycle.

Price includes Harley-Davidson rental; you get a first and second choice of model. Specific BMW and Honda models may be available at an additional cost of $40 per day.

You’ll need to arrive in LA on or before 15th August and you can plan to leave anytime on or after the 30th.  Extra hotel days before or after can be arranged. Absolute deadline for booking is the 15th of June, but I would obviously suggest you get in before that; the maximum number of participants is 20, and a few keen readers have already booked.

For more information and bookings, please email Skip at, and copy me in at . Skip and I will lead the tour. Love to see you, and let’s see if we can fill the tour entirely with MOTORCYCLIST readers.

But do it now – I’m keen to see you out on Route 66 and beyond.


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