NSW Road Rule Changes Effective Friday 1 July 2016

Lobbying and advocacy work by the Motorcycle Council of NSW in conjunction with the Australian Motorcycle Council has borne fruit with the introduction of road rule
changes in NSW effective from Friday 1 July 2016.

The changes that take effect are;

Rule 270 – A motorcycle rider who is pushing a motorcycle does not have to wear a
helmet, if the engine is not running and it is safe to do so.

Rule 271(1A) (a) – A motorcycle rider may stand on the footrests of a motorcycle
provided it is safe to do so, for example to help them maintain control on roads with
potholes or loose gravel.

Rule 271(1A) (b) – A motorcycle rider may remove a foot from the footrest when it is
safe to do so, for example to stretch.

These changes brought about by the work of the MCC and AMC will benefit riders across the state so a big thank you to Guy Stanford and Christopher Burns for their efforts in bringing
about these changes. It just shows what can be achieved through sensible conversations. Let’s now hope that the other States and Territories follow…

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