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Welcome to a new section of Australian MOTORCYCLIST, highlighting some of the products and services that are sure to interest you. Manufacturers and distributors: if you have something that you think may interest our readers, just send in a photo and a few words – it’s a free service.

SJS Smart Start Chargers
Price – $109 – $199

The SJS Smart Start Charger is a multipurpose battery charger and jump start pack, capable of packing a huge punch for its convenient form factor. Available in three models with 400, 500 and 600amp capacity. The 600amp model is claimed to be able to jump start a V8 Diesel Landcruiser! All models come with a 12 month warranty. See your local bike shop or contact Kenma, the distributor – 02 9484 0777

ONeal Deluxe 1 ½” Soft tie downs
Price – $39.95

Look after your precious cargo by using top quality straps. These soft tie downs from ONeal feature 1 1/2” wide nylon webbing, double security stitching, 600lb working load limit, 1800lb breaking strength with Soft-Tye sewn-in. They are non scratching, fit in tight areas and are available in colours: Black/Black, Black/Red, Black/Blue, Black/Orange. See your local bike shop or visit

La Pera seats for H-D Sportsters

Three seats to suit three different tastes are available from La Pera for the 2010-2015 Harley-Davidson Sportster models. The Stubs Spoiler to take that café style to a killer new height; Stubs Café for that traditional café look and the Bare Bones Solo for a pure and aggressive look. Contact Rollies Speed Shop on 07 3252 5381 or visit

ONeal Element Platinum boots
Price – $229.95

Want a comfy off-road boot? Well, have a look at this great priced boot from ONeal.

Features include an easy fit with adjustable four buckle, aluminium closure system, built in heat shield, bonded and replaceable sole, built in leather heat shield, injection moulded plastic shin plate and protection, heel support and padding for extra comfort and a durable construction. Available in men’s and womens’ sizes.

See your local bike shop or visit www.

Vance & Hines Yamaha Stryker
pipes. Price – $699.95

Make your Yamaha Stryker really strike some attention sparks out on the road by fitting a set of these Vance & Hines twin slash staggered black pipes. They’re long and low for the drag racer look, and you can also get a quiet or competition baffle. See your local bike shop or visit

Akrapovic Sound Kit

Akrapovic has launched its latest technological innovation in the form of the “Sound Kit”, which allows you to control the sound of the exhaust system at the simple touch of a button.

The deep sporty sound can be controlled by simply pressing the button on the Sound Remote Controller or via a smartphone app. With the use of a receiver to drive the actuators they open and close valves at the end of the exhaust system to either emit a legal sound, or a deep sporty sound. Visit

No-Mar Tyre Changers

No-Mar Tyre Changers, famous for developing unique tyre tools and products with a primary focus on the motorcycle industry, is making things a lot easier for its Australian customers. Starting this month, No-Mar Tyre Changers is warehousing and selling its products and accessories direct from a new location in Sydney.

Two of the flagship products lead the international charge: The Classic Model Tyre Changer (a commercial-grade product designed for all standard, sport and sport touring wheels) and the Cycle Hill Tyre Changer (a product intended for home use and designed to service dirt bikes, ATVs, standard and vintage wheels). Learn more about the products available by visiting

NG brake discs
Price – Varies

Ever felt that shudder or warp from your brake discs? Well you really should replace them and there is a great, well priced aftermarket option – NG Brake Discs. They have an extensive range available for most models and can offer a standard type disc or wave disc for just about all models available. We use NG discs ourselves (and race with them) and love them. See your local bike shop or visit

Ventura Seti-Moto seat bag
Price – $99

The latest in the Seat-Bag range of motorcycle luggage from Ventura is the Seti-Moto. Manufactured from durable and good looking Kodra fabric the Seti-Moto has 11 litres of capacity

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