Natureland Classic Motorcycle Club

 P.O. Box 417,
New South Wales 2440

 (02) 65665439

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Description: In 1991, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts that included Alan Tout, Keith Miller, Kevin Baker, Col Brenton and several others held the club’s first meeting at Frederickton Hall. 

They recognized the need for a club on the Mid North Coast that catered for riders of both classic and modern motorcycles, and one that provided activities involving families. 

Since it’s establishment the club has organized events such as gymkhanas, fishing competitions, four wheel drive adventures, camping trips, bike shows and time trials. 

Over the years the club has become renowned for it’s annual rallies at Hat Head, Swap Meets and it’s Charity Christmas Toy run.

Part of the club’s philosophy is to give something back to the community and over the years to club has supported many local charities with donations.

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